Touching on nfts

By Ju1883 | Cryptopayments | 1 Apr 2021

Here we are towards the end of the week and just the past couple days have been crazy.  I'm sure all of you have been aware of the jumps of specific coins.  I try to remain neutral in my choices and investments and always open to new technologies and advancements.  Also always open to others ideas and thoughts because no one person is ever right.  

There has been many announcements this week with Bitcoin being accepted now.  Here is a little insight for you guys.  Look at the situation of our world and economy.  Where are things headed?  What will be the new normal daily life?  Is this like the .com boom all over again?  

The virus has seemingly hurt this world but at the same time got the attention of everyone...young and old.  Nfts have become a massive jump into the world where digital art has become so popular.  It can't be stolen unless it's the fault of your own.  The way the block chain is set up provides so much more security to people which gives them comfort of their investment.  Compare it to a house live in a nice apartment..nice life..good job and so on.  But you rent...ugh in the back of your mind "I wish this was mine.  What is my money going towards?".  You buy a house it's yours!!   Yay!  You can do whatever you want now.  Seeing you pay it off though lol.  Less stress your money is going to a tangible investment you have possibly the rest of your life.  Obviously again payment systems to handle those "big" purchases would be needed.  Something safe fraud proof more sense of security..just like when you bought that house.  The reason I talk about payments is because there is no talk.  There are opportunities..alot of them..that are hiding under the radar.  Some penny stocks some not.  People will want to spend crypto.  There is a huge open field right now that no one has tackled.  It's just starting.  Visa and PayPal jumped but didn't realize the mistake they made.  Once again not one person is always right.  The one who watches from the sidelines learns more then the player on the field it just depends how they use that knowledge.  Think about that and leave some comments.  

Thanks for reading everyone I appreciate it.



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