By Ju1883 | Cryptopayments | 2 Apr 2021

Today I'm going to talk a little about Flexa.  This Is one such company that posses a lot of threat to our current way of paying like Visa and MC.  Flexa offers a ton right now.  The major upside is the fees and the fraud.  Take for instance your business you open things are good. Your doing well for a start up your first your you break even.  Great.  Most business's fail within the first 3-5 years statistic wise.  Now you look back and see the amount you pay just to use Visa and MC in your store.  Up to 3% just to let a customer use a plastic card to buy from you.  Your paying them to run your business. Fair?  Of course in the real world you paying to use a service just like you do Amazon and everything else we pay monthly for. 

As a business owner no it is not fair.  Why should you pay a billion dollar company just to make money.  They don't give you anything in return unless your business can't accept cash.  Even then as a online business your forced to pay.  You have no choice.  Why do you think they are so quick to adopt Bitcoin and eth for payments...but payments with a catch to the point where your Bitcoin is transparent to you yourself because you never actually owned it.  It was a mirror to act as a payment.  If that makes sense.  Flexa offers the ability to use payments with almost no fees as well as being partnered with ncr one of the biggest POS payment terminals.  I've also seen them as us bank ATMs as well.  Also the fraud proof system is amazing to basically eliminate fraud.  That's a huge plus to me.  I'm always worried about paying online..I do all the time but still.  Why do you think those id theft companies blew up.  Well we won't need those anymore.  Now there are other systems coming out too but there are pros and cons to everything.  Hope this was a decent read for everyone and again thanks for reading.


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