Why have you to pay attention to the crypto's world?

Why have you to pay attention to the crypto's world?

By PrisonedBus9641 | Cryptonews9641 | 17 Sep 2020

The deposit of cryptocurrencies can sometimes be very problematic due to the high fees present on some wallets.  The problem is both to convert crypto and to send the same.


From my personal experience I can say that Atomic Wallet is one of the worst wallets for depositing cryptocurrency. This is for various reasons, even acceptable in the case of someone who does not know how to extricate himself from many commissions and network fees. But for those who travel enough in the world of cryptocurrencies and enter their world in the best way, they would certainly never choose a similar wallet.

Atomic wallet has as its strong point the possibility of having many supported assets to be deposited, for example the Loopring (LRC) for which I downloaded it some time ago. Initially it seemed great, obviously like every wallet in order to send and receive crypto you have to pay a network fee (quite high in case you have to move a little stuff).

But some time ago I tried to convert one cryptocurrency into another to know how much it was necessary to have to be able to convert it. With my disappointment, I noticed that the conversion wasn't even complete. If I had to convert $ 7 of LRC to DAI I should get roughly the same amount in theory. Instead from 7 $ of LRC I am recognized only 4 $ in DAI. A good $ 3 is withheld for such an exchange. Now I'm currently using the Coinbase, Coinbase wallet and Coinbase Pro. Although cryptocurrencies cannot be converted into others directly in the app, the possibility arises by sending the currency to the main coinbase account.



Basically I recommend paying a lot of attention to every possibility if you want to turn in the world of cryptocurrencies.












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