South Korea already ahead for digital identity verification.

South Korea already ahead for digital identity verification.

By PrisonedBus9641 | Cryptonews9641 | 9 Sep 2020

According to some reports, South Koreans will make Blockchain technology the key to any identity document. Some large companies are already lining up to enter the market which could open with this change.

The nation's three largest telephone companies (SK Telecom, KT and LG U +) have entered into an agreement that will allow them to use the PASS driver's license mobile ID platform, born from an idea of the National Police Agency and the Authority for road traffic.

According to a police investigation, 1.4 million South Koreans use the PASS platform by proving their identity using the police blockchain network, QR codes and scannable barcodes.









The media claim that practical uses are still few and far between but South Korean companies appear certain of a future where identity verification and data collection will be based on blockchain.

Naver, Kakao, and Samsung got permission to work on their blockchain-based ID offerings earlier this year, starting to partner with private sector companies, government agencies and universities to gain leadership in this market as soon as possible.


Samsung is working on a driver's license platform, Kakao on university qualifications and Naver on business models related to retail and finance.












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