Realm NFT: 8th Season started and 36,5% staking rewards!

By CryptoDavey | CryptoNewsAndHowtos | 16 May 2023

Hi all,

The 8th season of RealmNFT has started with a lot of new features, I personnally like the staking option!

It gives 1 RLM per 1000 RLM staked a day! So in fact a whooping 36,5% profit a year. And you can stake those profits as well!

Next cool feature is the Collection: collect all the NFT's and you get bonusses in the game. So, bought/won NFT's keep their value.

Too bad the game does not have a referral code, but hey: come join the thousands of players! See you inside. Look for the name SilentForce, its me :D

Best thing: you can come play it for free, no need to buy NFT's. If you like the game and want to earn, then you can decide to buy some NFT's. Cheapest go for 10 Wax right now.

Discord invite link




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