Realm NFT: 8th Season is about to begin!

By CryptoDavey | CryptoNewsAndHowtos | 2 May 2023

Realm is a cool game I play now for several seasons and it is always good to get more players: thats why I wrote this article :)

There are a lot of new features than can make you even more RLM tokens and up the value of your game NFTS:

- Additional Rarities for Helpers
- Realm Collection Book Bonuses - Players will receive bonuses for holding NFT's in the Realm Collection
- In-game RLM Staking - Players will receive benefits for holding RLM in-game.
I am exited about the staking option, nice option to earn some more.

Details of the new season:

Season 8 will see the Scientist as the featured leader, which means that the Scientist will receive: Increased Bonuses, Increased Salary
and Increased Team Size.

In addition, the Metal Detector Equipment will be powered up for Season 8, giving it increased bonuses for the entire season.

Season 8 dates are set:
Kick Off: May 15th at 22:30 UTC
Wrap Up: August 7th at 22:30 UTC

The best thing about the game is that is really free to earn, so you can just start to play. Then decide if you want to invest. It only takes a few dollars.



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