Prospectors: Why you should buy your land right now!

Prospectors: Why you should buy your land right now!

By Daveyy | CryptoNewsAndHowtos | 1 Feb 2022

TL/DR: Earn right away with this fun game on Wax


In this post I assume you already know/play the Prospectors game. If not read my guide first: Guide to Prospectors game

That being said, let's start with our topic for today: Why you should buy your land right now!

Since the Grand Lands opened we can buy plots instead of having to rent them for a month. So, you can buy a plot, sit back and relax: mine or manage it the way you want and WHEN you want. A big advantage if you ask me.

You could have bought some land for 1299 PGL ($380) in the sale from the developers, and you still are able to do so. BUT!  Read on to see how you can buy them for a little as $160.

Some people bought those and are selling these plots for less, for various reasons. The plots sold in the presale were blind: you didn't know where exact your plot would be (except for the central land) and you didn't know what resources where on those plots. Now you can buy plots and you know EXACT where it is located and EXACT what is on the land.

Why should I buy now? Well, the game on Grand Land is only just started, tool prizes are crazy high, but resources are as well. When these prizes start to lower, lot's of people will come into the game and will buy the last plots available, pushing the prize up to crazy highs! Get into early while you can!

Being early in this game gives you a big advantage. You can even resell your plots when the prizes are higher.

Early strategies to explore: 

1: Just walking the map and mine for free or do paid jobs.

2: Buy a plot and mine the stone and wood

3: Buy an empty plot and start building a Tools shop for instance.

This game is all about long term strategy. Millions of dollars are invested in the game, so get your share!


Where should I buy the plots?


1: Atomichub

My favorite place, you can buy direct and open the land in the game. Low prizes from people that need the money.

Sprint to:

And buy plots from as little as 485 Wax (only $160 right now). Hover over the picture of a land to see where it is located and what resources there are. A "Question mark" means you can explore it yourself. But keep in mind: that could be empty!

If you want to roll the dice and buy a blind pack from the developers, click on "packs" on the left. Just buy the cheapest, because it is a random package. You could find gold on that lot and your plot is worth thousands of dollars. You have 10% chance of hitting gold.


2: In game

Second best is buying in game at the auctions. You will know what resources the land has and the location. The prizes are higher and you have to compete to win an auction. And it could take a day.

3: In game packs from the developers

Third option: buy a land package from the developers for 1299 PGL (about $380 right now). But I would go for option 1 Atomic Hub and choose packs, they go from $280.

I hope my post is clear, English is not my native language :) Questions? Post a comment and I'll try to answer.

Feel free to follow me for more Prospector posts in the future.

See you and thanks for reading!

No Prospectors account yet? Where are you waiting for :)




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