Energi is now listed on Changelly

By CryptoDavey | CryptoNewsAndHowtos | 9 Sep 2020

Cryptocurrency Energi (NRG) is available on a big number of exchanges like Kucoin

NRG was yet to be listed on a direct swap service like Changelly. A big step for NRG, they are listed now!

How does Changelly work? The process is really simple, you select the coin you want to sell, BTC for instance, and the coin you want. Then you have to send the coin you sell and you will receive the desired coin in your wallet. They work with a number of exchanges and get the best rates possible. Very convenient to do a quick swap without needing to use a traditional exchange.

Not familiar with NRG?

Energi is based on Ethereum, but is a POS coin. That means you can stake the coin or run a masternode to get rewards. Ethereum is also moving into the direction of POS, but Energi is already there! Staking can yield 60% a year, so it worth looking into staking.

The coin features Smart Contracts, Governance, and a Self-Funding Treasury to enable sustainable growth and reward the contributors.

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