TVG Coin - A Charitable Crypto Currency System!

By Cryptobdschool | cryptonews | 13 May 2022

It is always appreciated and encouraged to accomplish charitable works in every way possible. The rate of doing charitable work has increased gradually since the pandemic. People feel a sense of peace in their minds after doing such philanthropic works. Everyone needs money. Not only the poor but also the rich people want their assets to be increased. So what if there was a platform where people will be able to invest, gain profit, and as well as play the role of being generous. Keeping this social problem in mind TVG Coin has come up with a social coin. Here, customers will be able to invest their money and also take part in social work. 


At present, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, and BitCoin - These things are getting more common day by day. Also, there are various platforms for trading coins or buying something with cryptocurrency. So, what makes TVG Coin different and unique from other cryptocurrency exchange platforms? One of the most unique features of TVG Coin is that the customer can invest their cryptocurrency here and a portion of their investment will be distributed to various NGOs worldwide. As a result, the customers are investing their money, and also their social responsibilities will be taken care of by TVG Coin.

The reasons why the TVG Coin took such initiatives of fulfilling its customers’ social responsibilities are clear as crystal. By doing so, TVG Coin is gaining one of the most unique features among the cryptocurrency platforms. Other than that, even though capable people try to contribute to society by doing charitable works all by themselves. In this case, people tend to get deceived, or scammed by illegal parties. As a result, the help that is actually needed by the needy people, the help does not reach them. On the other hand, TVG Coin has already chosen some of the top NGOs in the world. If this deal gets finalised, the actual needy people will get the help and the portion of the money will be used in the place where it needs to be.

With a mission of reaching the milestone of acquiring at least one million active users by this year, and entering into the top 50 list of cryptocurrency market capital, TVG Coin has visioned being able to hold a cryptocurrency capital of 500 billion dollars in 2026. TVG Coin wants to this world a better place and to make its people more humble.

After explaining all these, a question always remains. Why should people believe TVG Coin and how TVG Coin will ensure everything that was mentioned. TVG Coin is using advanced BlockChain Technology in the platform so that the information and data of its customers never get breached and the customers can use TVG coin as a payment method for Products and Services. TVG will be used for staking and payouts to Merchant & Vendors.

For the investment, there are three packages: $10,000, $100,000 & $1,000,000. For the $10,000 package, 10% of the investment will be donated to the NGOs. Likewise, 15% for the $100,000 package and 20% for the $1,000,000 package. Also, TVG Coin assures that the staking amount will grow exponentially with technical background upgrades. To succeed in this project and sustain it in the long run, TVG Coin has come up with an effective road map and project planning which will be discussed later.

Currently, the maximum total supply of TVG Tokens is 1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion). If any token remains unsold, that will be burned which will add more value to the rest of the TVG Tokens.





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