Developments on Noise.Cash - Making Noise For Bitcoin Cash!
Noise.Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH

Developments on Noise.Cash - Making Noise For Bitcoin Cash!

At the beginning of the year, I joined, a microblogging platform that lets you earn Bitcoin Cash for writing short messages or sharing pictures.


What`s Noise.Cash?

My first impression of was that it`s somehow like Twitter but based on tips in Bitcoin Cash.


This is how it looks. As you can see, you have the possibility to like, tip, renoise, and reply to a message. You also have the option to ignore, block, or report spammy and scammy users.

You can explore all messages from all users or you can just check what the users you`ve subscribed to have published. On, also can also find chambers and channels that let you sort the messages by certain topics.

When I joined the website which is still in the alpha phase, everything was very rudimentary and the functions were very much limited. Since then more and more functions have been added and it is amazing to witness this step-by-step development of the website. It is still very rudimentary but the important thing is that it`s constantly improving.

Testing out the new functions on works as "try and error". This means that some changes work well right away while others don`t.

For example, with one change I was pretty pissed of. One time, my content was marked as spam and I received no longer any tips. Luckily, this change was reversed pretty fast. However, if you want to develop a new platform then you have to try new things out. When you see that one of these changes is not working and you correct it, then this is something I truly admire.


Tips In Bitcoin Cash

In the beginning, free tips are randomly given by, and you could give these free tips to other users and keep a percentage (between 20% and 80%) for yourself, pretty much like on Publish0x. This has changed. Now you give a heart to another noise and if you are lucky your heart contains a free tip in Bitcoin Cash. You can only receive a tip if you also make some noise yourself.

All free tips on the platform are coming from the NoiseCashFund, sponsored by Marc De Mesel.


Make sure that you give your free tips to interesting posts and not to random spammers because otherwise, you may never again get free tips. Please keep that in mind and make yourself familiar with the basic rules of the platform.


It`s also possible to tip via a QR-Code from your own external wallet. In the future, it will also be possible to tip from an online wallet implemented on the platform similar to

My most popular noise on has reached 162 renoises, 1673 hearts, 104 replies, and $8.69 in Bitcoin Cash. These are extraordinarily high numbers for a noise.



Your Wallet on Noise.Cash

Go to your online wallet on and connect to a wallet where you are holding the keys. For Bitcoin Cash, I recommend using the wallet.

I also recommend setting a withdrawal limit, even if you are free to set it to zero and receive your tips directly. I quote
"If you set it to something like 0.25, this means that we'll accumulate any tips we owe you (except ones directly sent using the QR code) until the amount reaches $0.25, at which point we'll send a transaction to you. This helps lower the consolidation fees later, which might reach 10% due to all the small tips you get."

In other words, lots of tiny incoming transactions from noise can clutter your wallet with lots of data. All this data can clutter your wallet and lead to higher transaction fees. Please, remember to consolidate your Bitcoin Cash Wallet, where you hold the keys, frequently. You do this by sending all your Bitcoin Cash once to your own address, to the same address you are sending from. This will reduce the transaction fees for the next transactions to an absolute minimum. This is because the consolidation has decluttered your wallet and reduced the data from all incoming transactions. Please, keep that in mind when you keep your BCH in a wallet and not on centralized platforms like Nexo.


My Final Words

In the end, I am 100% sure that if you like the combination of Crypto and Twitter then you will definitely love! 

I hope, I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about the microblogging platform

If that`s the kind of stuff that you like to read on Publish0x, make sure to hit that follow button. Thank you guys for reading, liking, following, and tipping. 👍 

If you like, you can also follow me on Twitter, and also on 

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