The Biswap Space Agents Program - Special Chance for Bloggers And Content Creators

The Biswap Space Agents Program for Bloggers And Crypto Content Creators

Biswap, one of my favorite Decentralized Exchanges, is currently celebrating its first anniversary. For already one year, I am frequently writing about Biswap as Biswap is constantly adding new innovative features like recently Fixed Staking.

If you are also blogging about cryptocurrencies or if you are a crypto content creator, then you should check out the new Space Agents Program from Biswap with $10,000 in $BSW rewards.


What Is The Biswap Space Agents Program?

The Space Agents Program from Biswap is a Content Creator Program. It is a challenging program for content creators like Bloggers and YouTubers that includes monthly missions with many awesome $BSW rewards. 

In other words, the Space Agents Program from Biswap Special chance for crypto bloggers and crypto content creators. 

Create the content on a related topic, share it with your audience, and earn up to $2,500 in $BSW tokens per month.

The top 10 Space Agents who, in our opinion, have the best content will share the $7,500 in BSW rewards. Additional $2,500 in $BSW tokens are special rewards for unique content. $500 is an Intergalactic Audience Reward for the most engaging content. $500 is for the Referral Space King and another $500 goes to the most favorable Content by Biswap Space Crew which is the Biswap Team's choice. $500 goes to the most educational content and finally, $500 goes to the winner of the voting in the Biswap Telegram Chat.

Biswap Space Agent Program Rewards


How Does The Biswap Space Agents Program Work?

Of course, if you want to become a Biswap Space Agent, you should be passionate about Biswap. You should furthermore be motivated and communicative and have a blog or a crypto-related social media account with more than 5k followers.

Biswap Space Agent Qualities

You can create your content in English as well as in other languages. However, you should use English subtitles if you produce a non-English video.

Here on this page, you find all available topics for the current month. Keep in mind that these topics change from month to month.

Choose one or more topics that you want to produce content about and fill out this registration form to participate in the monthly Spacewalk. Confirms your participation in the Biswap Space Agents Program by submitting the registration form and start creating content. The registration form is needed to minimize the amount of plagiarism. Make sure to enter the correct data and keep in mind that any submitted content without preliminary registration will not be considered by the Biswap team for any rewards.

Start creating content for Biswap based on the topic that you have chosen in the registration form. You can create content of any kind, which includes, but is not limited to videos and posts. Make sure to share the content that you have created on your social media with the hashtag #Biswap_Spacewalk. Also, make sure to use a clear call-to-action in your content that fits your chosen topic. You should also use your Biswap referral link in your created content. Publish your content as soon as possible to achieve the highest reach. Finally, submit your created content via this Content Submission Form. The deadline for your submissions to the Biswap Space Agents Program is the end of each month. 

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My Final Words

If you are a crypto content creator or a blogger here on Publish0x or anywhere else then you should not miss this opportunity. If you decide to participate in the Biswap Space Agents Program then please share a link to your work in the comment section below.

I hope that I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about the Biswap Space Agents Program.

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