Why Presearch Should Be Used As A Search Engine - PRE Levels Explained

Why Presearch Should Be Used As A Search Engine - PRE Levels Explained

In one of my recent posts, I already explained why I believe that the future of Pesearch is bright. Exactly, in my opinion, PRE is as solid as BAT. However, in this post, I focus on one of the biggest problems Presearch has to deal with since the beginning.

The Problem Of Token Farming

When you perform a web search with Google you never think of earning any crypto with it. The one and only reason for you to use Google is to get the search results you are looking for. You have a real need to find some specific information. In this way, you are adding value to the Google project with your performed searches. Your search data has a value. Google uses the data from your searches to monetize it by displaying ads.

With Presearch it`s different as Presearch rewards you with PRE tokens for your searches. In other words, Presearch is giving away free crypto.

As a result of this many users start using Presearch as a kind of faucet and perform some nonsense searches. These nonsense searches are not a normal search behavior that is adding value to the project. Users also tend to perform nonsense searches when they are getting closer to 1000 earned PRE tokens which is the current withdrawal minimum.

These searches are not helping to improve and grow the project. No, PRE token farming is actually damaging the project. That`s why it is considered abusive behavior in Presearch`s terms of use that you agree to when you sign up.

Even worse than PRE token farming by performing nonsense searches are automated programs or bots designed to earn rewards.

Presearch needs to ensure that people are not just using Presearch just to accumulate PRE tokens without adding value to the system. 

Rewards Verification System 

Presearch needed to create a fair and proactive system that rewards users for adding value to Presearch ecosystem. Users are adding value to the project by authentically searching the web and not by PRE token farming. This system is called the Rewards Verification System (RVS).

Presearch has invested a lot of time and lots of development resources in this important system in order to combat abusive behavior like PRE token farming.

This is an important first step in moving towards creating a fair, proactive system that rewards Presearchers for adding value to this project by way of authentically searching the web.

The Rewards Verification System gives an individual PRE Level score for every single user. So when you log in to your Presearch account it looks like this.

PRE level

You can see your current PRE Level and based on your PRE Level the amount of eligible tokens to withdraw. I have a PRE Level of 9 and 100% of my Reward Tokens are eligible for withdrawal. I think my Level was 8 when I signed up for Preasearch. Level 5 and above is considered to be authentic search behavior, everything below Level 5 is considered to be unauthentic. 

With this PRE Level system, every time you search, you have the chance to increase your PRE Level score. So the system is proactive and fair. 

The different PRE Levels and the corresponding Eligible Token Levels are:

Level 8–10: 100% of Reward Tokens are eligible for withdrawal
Level 7: 70%
Level 6: 60%
Level 5: 50%
Level 4: 
Level 3: 
Level 2: 
Level 1: 
Level 0: 
None - account is suspended

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1,000 PRE because every single withdrawal has to be checked manually. This is done to protect the project from fraud and abuse. Another reason is the significant Ethereum Gas fee generated by processing many smaller transactions. Furthermore, as Presearch also has to pay taxes, the minimum withdrawal is 1,000 PRE for reasons of accounting.

My Final Conclusion

When I use Presearch to search the web, I always try to forget about the PRE Tokens. I think when you just forget about the PRE tokens then your searches will automatically become authentic. When you search the web authentically then don`t have to worry about your PRE Level at all.

I also think that the Level System has to be explained well to the user. I haven`t found any information or explanation about the Rewards Verification System in my user account. I had to presearch the information. Later, I also found the explanation in Presearch`s terms of use but who reads the terms of use?

I think that a good explanation or a link to this explanation somewhere on the dashboard could raise the acceptance of this system among the users. It is important that new users understand the system right from the beginning.

I hope I could provide you with some useful information about the Presearch Level System and why it is so important.

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