Stop Subscriptions From Stealing Your Hard-Earned Satoshis with Revuto And Get Your first 10 $REVU For FREE! 🔥

Free-trial traps, hidden and over-complicated unsubscribe procedures are literally stealing your hard-earned Satoshis. Subscription payments are easy to set up but mostly hard to cancel. Revuto is here to put an end to this.


What is Revuto?

Revuto is a one-stop solution for all your subscriptions that lets you approve, block, or snooze your payment for any service in seconds.

The best thing is that if you sign up now for early access, you will get your first 10 $REVU tokens for free! 🔥

The value of $REVU is not known yet but it surely has potential as Revuto is going to be the first dApp ever on the Cardano Blockchain.

You can already secure your spot to join the first Token Sale on Cardano. The public $REVU Token Sale will start on May 18th. You can join the whitelist here.

The $REVU Token

$REVU is Revuto´s native token that will be running on the Cardano blockchain. The main incentive for holding $REVU tokens is to save your money while paying for your subscription charges.


The Revuto Wallet

Revuto will also release its own crypto wallet. Revuto's crypto wallet will be a simple and secure wallet that supports Cardano-based tokens, including $REVU tokens and the $EURR stablecoin by default. Revuto's crypto wallet allows preauthorized pull payments from other Revuto wallet addresses and supports direct authorization with the service providers.

A DeFi micro-lending option to borrow and lend will also be implemented. So, Revuto´s wallet is more going to be like a digital bank than a simple wallet, supporting recurring payments for all the goods and services you are using.



My Final Words

As one of the first projects to launch on the Cardano Blockchains, the expectations are high for Revuto. Getting in now for early access seems to be a good opportunity. So what are you waiting for? Get your 10 $REVU just for signing up to Revuto as long as it´s hot.

At the end of my post, I like to remind you as always that my intention in this post is to raise your awareness of Revuto. My intention is not to replace your own research.

I hope I could provide you with some interesting and useful information about Revuto.

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