Make Profit With NOW Token Staking Right Now!
ChangeNOW NOW token

Make Profit With NOW Token Staking Right Now!

At the end of March this year, I joined the AMA session with ChangeNOW team on Publish0x. I was lucky to win 10.000 NOW tokens. At that time, the NOW tokens were worth $26.55. I am still holding these 10.000 NOW tokens and it was a good decision: Today my 10.000 NOW tokens are worth $386! So, what has caused this massive pump, and is it still worth it to accumulate NOW tokens?

NOW Token Metrics

NOW token is the native cryptocurrency of NOW products (ChangeNOW, NOWpayments, and NOWnodes) and the first crypto ever that was issued by an instant crypto exchange, issued in May 2018.

Let`s start with the token metrics first before having a closer look at NOW token trading, and NOW token use-cases.

The Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) is Atomic Wallet`s native coin with a total supply of 199,778,509.9 tokens. Only 65,325,769.366 tokens are actually in circulation supply. 120,000,000 NOW tokens are locked up for staking rewards.

99.839.014,17 tokens are issued as ERC20 and another 99.939.495,7 tokens are issued as BEP2.

You can easily swap your ERC20 tokens to BEP2 tokens and back with ChangeNOW.

Buy And Sell NOW Tokens

It is not possible to buy NOW tokens by using ChangeNOW right now but this may change in the future. Currently, you can buy and sell your NOW tokens on two different exchanges.

Binance DEX is the current most active market trading AWC. You can also trade NOW tokens on idex. I personally recommend Trust Wallet to trade NOW tokens. The implemented exchange on Trust Wallet is actually Binance DEX.

NOW Token Use-Cases

The NOW token use-cases are giving more and more benefits to users of the NOW ecosystem.

Asset Listings

The first use-case introduced for NOW token was voting for new asset listings on ChangeNOW.

On the asset listing page, you can donate any amount of NOW tokens for the assets that you would like to see getting listed on ChangeNOW. As soon as an asset gets a sufficient amount of NOW tokens, it will be listed on ChangeNOW.

Membership And Cashback

At the moment, there is no membership or cashback program based on NOW tokens. However, we can expect such a use-case integration soon, for example in the ChangeNOW Premium Lounge. The ChangeNOW Premium Lounge has just opened for Beta testing.

Airdrop And Invite Friends

NOW tokens are also used for bounties and airdrops. I recommend following ChangeNOW`s official channels to stay up to date on ongoing NOW token bounties.

At the moment there are no NOW token bonuses for new sign-ups and invited friends. Such a program could also be implemented in the ChangeNOW Premium Lounge


The most popular and the most important use-case of any token is probably staking. 😎

NOW Token Staking

Yesterday was a big day for NOW token as ChangeNOW announced NOW token staking. The price of NOW token immediately started pumping after that announcement, around 125% within the past 24 hours!

If you start staking NOW token right now, you will be among the first ones benefiting from staking. In the beginning, staking rewards are pretty high but once every 1.5 million NOW Tokens get distributed as rewards, the staking reward will be cut by 50%.

NOW Staking only works with the tokens issued on Binance Chain, the so-called NOW-BEP2 tokens. If you have NOW-ERC20, you can easily swap your NOW-ERC20 tokens to NOW-BEP2 tokens 1:1 with ChangeNOW.

To start NOW Staking, you need to freeze a certain amount of tokens into the network. The freezing transaction can be sent from the NOW Staking website and it will cost a small transaction fee of 0.005 BNB. 

The minimum amount that you can stake is only 1 NOW. The maximum amount for which you can get staking rewards is 100,000 NOW. This means that if you stake more, you will only be rewarded for 100,000 NOW.

NOW staking rewards

I think the easiest way to calculate your staking rewards is to use NOW Staking Calculator instead of the above scale. The staking rewards will be paid weekly on Wednesdays. The distribution of staking rewards will happen automatically, there is no further action required from your side to claim these rewards.

NOW staking

A big benefit of staking NOW tokens is that you can unfreeze your NOW tokens at any time, which means there is no unbound period and you can move them any time you want. 

If you like to start staking NOW tokens, simply visit the NOW Staking website.

Go to the NOW Staking Calculator and click the green “Stake it NOW” button. Right now you will be offered two different staking tools: BEPTools and Guarda Wallet. Now follow the provided instructions for each staking method. I recommend giving Guarda Wallet a try if you are not using it already.

Final Conclusion

The price development of NOW token is simply incredible and I believe that NOW Token still has some potential to unlock in the upcoming months. 

The rise of NOW token is based on the substantial growth of the NOW ecosystem. Today, NOW token is a very profitable staking coin and I believe that we can expect even more in the future with a growing userbase and more NOW token use cases. 

I hope that I could provide you with some valuable information about NOW token from ChangeNOW.

Finally, thank you guys as always for reading, liking, following, and tipping 👍

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