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By Queenosa | Queenosa | 24 Jun 2019

In this article I will provide Article to present the “ BIZpaye” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.

This Article aims to explore the potential challenges currently faced in what is termed as the local credit trade market, often referred to as barter trade industry. BIZpaye, a company (registered in Singapore), is a leading international barter trading platform operating within the virtual currency market that currently operates in 12 countries. This whitepaper aims to explore the current landscape of this Virtual Currency market, whilst off ering solutions for the betterment to its customers and merchant worldwide.

The BIZpaye ecosystem will become be a global decentralized barter marketplace where businesses and consumers (collectively Merchants) can interact to products. This unique marketplace allows transactions to take place in a B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C fashion utilizing a mixed fabric transaction unit (MFTU) of trade. An MFTU can comprise of cash and/or BIZpaye Crypto and/or BIZpaye Barter Credit currency.

Members enjoy efficiencies in terms of costs of product, transaction costs and speed to transaction along with unprecedented security and transparency.

Members enjoy efficiencies in terms of costs of product, transaction costs and speed to transaction along with unprecedented security and transparency.


BIZpaye CRYPTO Introduction:


Comparison with competitors :



The BIZpaye Ecosystem will be operated as a subsidiary of APB International Pte. Ltd., a Singapore registered company.

The subsidiary will be the official entity that creates the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Tokens and distributes the token.

The focus is on releasing and operation of open source cryptographic technologies which will enable expansion and ongoing growth of the BIZpaye trade network which will become the BIZpaye ecosystem. To be clear and for the avoidance of doubt, the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token shall not portray to holders of such tokens any ownership or other interest in BIZpaye or the ecosystem. In addition, token holders are not entitled to any form of dividends, profit or revenue distributions, or any rights to contribute to or vote on any issue within the ecosystem.

Members join BIZpaye by completing an application form and passing the KYC process. On successful completion of the application process the member is able to sell goods and services within the ecosystem with a mixture of fiat, barter credits and tokens. The value of the members holdings of the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token will be stored on their personal account wallet on the platform. The content of the wallet is public information and stored in the decentralized database; this assists in transparency in terms of the members ability to trade at a given level.

Smart contracts will be created to facilitate trade between members as well as hold the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token in escrow pending finalizing the trade. The BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token can be stored in a variety of matters including the integrated online wallet available to every active account or every other compatible wallet.


BIZpaye Members:


The cryptographic development environment is in its early stages. The intent is to select the appropriate open source solution for the development of the BIZpaye ecosystem to ensure a true globally scalable, stable, decentralized and sustainable solution in both the short and long term.

The BIZpaye ecosystem will comprise of different processes and participants.

  • Members (as Buyers)
  • Members (as Sellers)
  • Fulfillment Resources
  • BIZpaye trade platform
  • BIZpaye crypto wallets/decentralized database
  • Support Centers



Members (as Buyers):

A buying member is any individual or business that want to buy goods and services from other members in an efficient, economic, speedy, transparent, trustless fashion via one of the many transaction processes available… i.e. Mobile App, Website, face to face etc.

Members (as buyers) actions can include:

  • Search good and services listed by members (as sellers)
  • Make orders
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Pay fees
  • Receive reward crypto
  • Provide member feedback
  • Receive promotion, loyalty, referral and feedback rewards

Members (as Sellers):

Members as sellers are individuals or businesses wishing to sell goods and services. Goods and services will

encompass every conceivable consumable relevant to the global consumer and business trade marketplace from

rice to property, from window cleaning to property acquisition.


Members (as sellers) actions can include:

  • Publish goods and services for sale
  • Deliver goods and services (may be provided by external fulfilment resource)
  • Provide feedback
  • Pay fees.


Fulfilment Resources:

Order fulfilment is accomplished either by the buyer/seller or external fulfilment resource.

An external fulfilment resource could be instructed or engaged by local support within various jurisdictions.


Fulfilment resource actions can include:

  • Receive instructions on order via the BIZpaye app or other interface
  • Collect and deliver goods or facilitate provision of service by the member (as seller) to the member (as buyer)
  • Provide delivery/provision confirmation details to BIZpaye via the BIZpaye app or other interface
  • Receive MFTU in payment for services of fulfillment

BIZpaye Barter Trade platform and BIZpaye crypto wallets/ decentralized database (combined “The Platform”):

The BIZpaye Barter Trade and BIZpaye Crypto platform will for a decentralized global marketplace facilitating trade between members.

Members (as sellers) join the ecosystem and publish details of their goods and services for sale, proceed with promotional and loyalty campaigns, give and receive feedback from members and fulfilment resources.

Members (as buyers) can order those goods and services and interact with the order fulfillment process.


Platform (as a whole) actions include:

  • BIZpaye Crypto creation
  • ITO
  • Provision of the a decentralized, transparent and secure procedures for order placement, order fulfilment and order completion
  • Provision of smart contracts to facilitate trustless payment in line with the fulfillment procedures
  • Development and maintenance of the website, member app, fulfillment app or interface
  • Provision of an effective incentive model for members to join and user the BIZpaye ecosystem
  • Deployment of development activities and campaigns to ignite initial traction


Support Centers:

BIZpaye recognize it is imperative that MFTU trade become common place. An MFTU can comprise of cash and/or BIZpaye Crypto and/or BIZpaye Barter Credit currency.

The BIZpaye CEO, Laurie Muir and his team bring over 100 years of combined experience to the table regarding the mechanics of establishing a merchant/member (as seller) base.

The growth of the BIZpaye membership will not be left to change or left to organic growth; Instead local and global member support centers will interact with the market place focused on membership growth.


Support center actions include:

  • Member acquisition campaigns
  • KYC processes
  • Educational event management
  • POS Service


Smart Contracts and the Blockchain:

The blockchain can be considered a distributed/decentralized and shared-database technology. Each element in the database is replicated across the network to ensure security and validity. This is the technology that underpins many digital currencies and other crypto assets.

In the early days of the blockchain the bitcoin blockchain was and is able to store numbers attached to addresses (the public key) and actions carried out on those numbers (moving from one public key to another) is facilitated and authorized by owners of public/private key pairs.

Moving on the blockchain now facilitates the storing of additional and complex information including the Smart contract”, available on the Ethereum network Smart Contracts are program objects which are available on the blockchain and are there forever or until their GAS limit is reached. The object can have member functions or methods plus data elements. The content of said data elements are stored on the blockchain.

The new BIZpaye ecosystem will use smart contracts to facilitate advertisements of goods and services, initiate transactions for MFTU and completion of orders following interaction with fulfilment resources.

The parameterized terms of the agreement between member (as buyer), member (as seller) and fulfilment resource will be directly coded and or constructed within the code of the smart contract.

The BIZpaye ecosystem blockchain code will be open source thus facilitating a high degree of transparency and trust across the entire BIZpaye ecosystem. All BIZpaye smart contracts are distributed across a decentralized blockchain network.

Smart contracts provide the environment in which trustless transactions and agreements can be undertaken by disparate, geographically dispersed and anonymous parties without resorting to a central authority for control or cross border legal system. Transactions in the BIZpaye ecosystem are traceable, transparent, and irreversible.

The architecture of the BIZpaye Crypto platform is a very high-load global trading solution. BIZpaye see the market opportunity and potential for the BIZpaye ecosystem in the millions of global members. Each member capable of multiple seller and buyer transaction per month, week or day. In this respect a key focus for the architecture is on performance.

Appropriate open source blockchain technology will be reviewed to ensure the solution selected has adequate smart contracts support whilst providing ease of use, speed, predictability and stability. BIZpaye will constantly monitor alternative technical implementations as the project evolves. At present some existing blockchain platforms such as Ethereum have been shown to have limitations in terms of transaction volumes. Other prospective platforms and frameworks are in development.

BIZpaye may consider constructing its own blockchain platform in the future.


Blockchain Applications in the BIZpaye Ecosystem :

Many aspects of the BIZpaye ecosystem will interface to the blockchain. The main ones being:

  • Smart contracts
  • Payments


Smart Contracts:

The introduction of 2nd generation Blockchain technologies such as complex data and smart contracts bring a new set of tools and framework with which BIZpaye will create a new generation of marketplace.

In the BIZpaye ecosystem members (as sellers) and members (as buyers) can interact and engage in trustless MFTU transactions always protected by the various trading and business rules. BIZpaye will consider the provision of a number of parameterized smart contract templates to facilitate the sale mechanism. There is no requirement for middlemen activities and costs.

We all know that the advent of the email disrupted the use of the fax machine and the introduction of the internet disrupted many traditional brick and mortar businesses. The introduction of the BIZpaye trade ecosystem we will see the use of smart contract (2nd generation blockchain) technology facilitate peer-to-peer marketplaces disrupting local and national trading activities in B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C environments.

This true peer-to-peer trade structure, enabled by the decentralized nature of the BIZpaye ecosystem will hand back the power, in terms of trade, to the people participating in the ecosystem.



Payment process within the traditional e-commerce environment is complex (such complexity only increases as one looks at multi currencies and cross border requirements) The BIZpaye Barter Trade platform and the BIZpaye Crypto platform together govern in a transparent trustless ecosystem all aspects of the payment.

The introduction of the blockchain further removes complexity and reduces costs whilst at the same time increasing efficiency, scalability and speed.

BIZpaye recognized over 5 years ago that the use of the Blockchain in MFT’s would be paramount and has been working hard building a global membership based within the 1st generation BIZpaye ecosystem in readiness for the launch of the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token.

Global payment processing utilizing the blockchain for BIZpaye Barter Trade and BIZpaye Crypto has very significant potential for explosive growth across the member community.

The potential to use the MFTU with the smart contract (parameterized and templated) will only increase as enhancements to the Blockchain come about and its acceptance increases.

The BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token ledger will provide a clear and comprehensive, transparent trustless ledger system facilitating global trading where BIZpaye Barter Trade and the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token are sent and exchanged globally at different times and for different reasons all controlled by predefined rules and events in the parameterized templated smart contracts within the BIZpaye ecosystem.


Roadmap :



Team :




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