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Did you know that you can increase your number of AG8 Coins?
Use the Bibox treasure box and earn additionally staking awards up to 30% per year!



ATROMG8 start program stake hold AG8 on the bibox exchange, you can interact with the smart contract to Stake some or all of your COIN to the staker pool.
You choose how many AG8 you want to stake and how long you would like to Stake for.
While your AG8 is in the staker pool, it earns a % from that pool for up to 180 days, proportional to the size of your stake and its length (the longer you stake, the greater the return). At the end of the Stake, your AG8 and any additional AG8 earned during the stake period are paid out.

Why Bibox — one of the largest exchanges — many years of experience — Exorbitant Skills — Great Reputation — Fair Fees — Great Community — Great Management — Over 6 Million Users Create your account here:

Where you can exchange :

A total of 440 million ATROM coins will be issued. 225 million have been made available for sale in various price levels by ATRONOCOM DMCC until the 23.12.2019. There will be no more than 440 Million coins ever and the supply is fixed.


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