What Are Cryptocurrencies and How Do They Work?

By Johnni Dys | Cryptomoedas.blog | 17 Sep 2019

Learn about cryptocurrencies and enter the financial market simply, easily, quickly and without the need to make high investments.


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Surely most of the Brazilian egg does not even know what the investment market is. That's because the subject has always been for the few and really, it's not easy to understand.

In addition, most available investments have always required high capital investment, and not everyone can afford it.

Therefore, the population has always been left out of this type of business that aims to make money with income.

However, we now have the cryptocurrencies that have come in to make things easier for those who want to profit from investing, but have no experience at all.

Here's all the information about cryptocurrencies and become a successful investor.

In short, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and just like physical currencies, they carry a serial number, watermark and various security features.

Cryptocurrency uses encryption which are codes of high difficulty to break.

Encryption, in turn, can increase the credibility level of cryptocurrencies and ensure more secure transactions.

In short, cryptocurrency is virtual code that can be turned into real values.

As such, all cryptocurrency-related negotiations are conducted over the internet.

Therefore, there are no intermediaries thus avoiding a bureaucratic system.

There is also no monetary regulatory system or any type of submission to financial authorities such as the central bank.


How Do Cryptocurrencies Work?


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The purchase, sale and quotation of digital currencies occur anonymously and over the internet.

It remains stored in a digital wallet and can be used by you through a computer or mobile device.

The technological intelligence behind cryptocurrency is known as the security protocol or blockchain.

The security protocol is based on shared data records and decentralization is its primary security measure.

Cryptocurrencies are already a reality among big players like IBM and Microsoft and also governments like:

  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Estonia

What Is Cryptocurrency For?


At first, the logic of cryptocurrencies is the same as cash money we know, and its main function is to promote the purchase and sale of services and goods.

One reason to believe this is a secure investment is that large companies accept payment with this digital currency, for example:

  • DELL
  • Wordpress
  • Soundcloud

Cryptocurrency is still used to transfer money over the internet without having to pay fees such as are often charged by banks.

Digital coins cannot be withdrawn through a bank, so both transfer and issuance are 100% digital.

However, there are no countries that issue cryptocurrencies and to purchase them you need to go through mining.

In short, buying and selling cryptocurrency is very easy and in the Brazilian digital market we have the option of Braziliex and Bitcoin Market.

At first you have to create an account (free) and enter the amount of coins or the amount in reais you want to acquire the cryptocurrency.

Other international companies like Bittrex and Poloniex allow anyone to invest in cryptocurrencies paying with dollars.

If you choose the Brazilian company Braziliex, you will be able to withdraw cryptocurrency to your digital wallets or you can also withdraw via checking account if you want to receive in real.

Check Out A List Of The Most Valued Cryptocurrencies


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Now that you know what cryptocurrency is and how it works, before you think about investing, check out the most valued currencies.

Finally, we still have other less valued as: Siacon, Dash, and Monero.

Be sure to read our article on Como investir em moedas virtuais.


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