Some people are interested in Blockchain, NFTs, Smart Contracts, and other cutting-edge technology.

By a3e_ape | CryptoMakeUrich | 13 Nov 2021

Many people have various reasons for being interested in various products. I see the same comments on half of these posts, where people really assert that no one cares about technology and are hostile to anyone who claims otherwise, or flat out says they're lying.

Currently, every time you buy a home. Obtain a college diploma. Obtain a copy of your transcripts if possible. Etc. The information and data for those things is kept in a centralized location that is vulnerable to both security risks and administrative and clerical error.

It's also costly to PROVE you have those things in many circumstances. It's only to sell them. Register the transaction. NFTS, smart contracts, and Blockchain offer a domain in which these antiquated systems can be upgraded in a way that is more efficient for information access, transparent and proven, and safe.

Consider this... You purchase a home, which currently entails obtaining a loan, faxing or mailing it, e-signing it if you're lucky, but still having to send it along to many people, having multiple people sign, and so on. Then you make your down payment, show your bank records, and so on. As someone who has recently gone through this, I can tell you that it is archaic.

Instead, consider how Blockchain could help with this. A deed/title is used to represent a house in terms of ownership. Let's call it an NFT. The lender must verify your holdings, incomes, and debt to earnings ratio in order to purchase the house, so you give them your wallet public keys, sign a message to them, and confirm you own the wallets that easy. You deposit your downpayment, your lender deposits the loan amount to the smart contract, and the seller deposits the title/deed nft now that you've been accepted. Boom. Run the code. The seller receives the funds in the smart contract's escrow wallet, and you receive the deed. It's finished.

So there you have it. Money is fantastic. Don't get me wrong: I enjoy a good profit. But there are a few of us here who are purely interested in technology. If you're only in it for the money, that's fine with me; I'm not picky. But these whole accusing individuals of lying when they claim to be in it for the technology? Put a stop to it.

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