Fidelity Investments to Bid Bitcoin for Pension Assets

By Ayan Sinha | cryptomagnetic | 4 May 2022

Fidelity Retirement is making waves by adding cryptocurrency to its menu for the first time, which means that customers with 401(k) accounts will be able to invest 20% of their account in Bitcoin this year. Fidelity is the largest retirement service provider in the United States, serving 23,000 employers. Fidelity is the first leading provider of retirement plans in the United States to allow such access to digital coins as they move from the margins of global finance to the mainstream.


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Fidelity stated that it expects blockchain technology to play an important role in financial services. Bitcoin is said to be limitless by some professional financial personnel. Last year, more companies accepted Bitcoin as a form of payment, causing its price to reach its peak.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency is said to have advantages and disadvantages, the PEW RESERVE CENTER recorded that approximately 40 million Americans have invested in cryptocurrency.

However, the Fidelity investments intends to charge a fee of less than 1% of the account's assets. It also plans to implement a "competitively priced" trading fee. Fidelity lingers to mix cryptocurrency into its fundamental business with this offering. It already consumes a BTC ETF on the Canadian market and has initiated numerous pro-crypto movements in 2022.


For the time being, the United States Department of Labor has not prohibited crypto investments in pension plans. However, in a compliance document published in March, the department revealed its reluctance to approve digital assets as a retirement investment plan.

The U.S has also charged the investment industry to take precautions when handling cryptocurrency has investors who have little knowledge of how crypto rise and falls might not appreciate it.


Bitcoin [BTC] is a digital currency that allows people to make online transactions. As the first widely adopted cryptocurrency [which means digital money], Bitcoin allows anyone in the world to send digital money to anyone else without the involvement of a government, bank, or any other institution.

Apart from the fact that bitcoin users can transmit digital currency to any region of the world, they also enjoy instant and private transactions, as well as zero bank costs. according to a broad description given of bitcoin, bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Bitcoin users can store their coins for a long time in the hopes that they will appreciate in value, which is one of the reasons why many people invest in them.

Winding Up

Fidelity did not disclose the number of employers who have signed up, but the head of workplace Dave Gray stated that Fidelity has committed clients and expects more clients now that the bitcoin for pension offer has become public.


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