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The Quest to Buy Land in R-Planet

By LouP77 | NashvilleLou | 16 Apr 2021

As always, remember: Never invest money you can't afford to lose. 
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Somehow, remarkably, I ended up with three pieces of land from a Mega Pack in the blockchain game R-Planet yesterday. 

Like many things in my life, it was a mix of luck and stubbornness that paid off in the end. 

There were two pools of 500 players, and I got an invite to pool one. On Telegram, which is like 1997 AOL Chat for a new generation, there were considerably more questions than answers. 

The normal guard rails of modern life that you might be expecting aren't necessarily there on the blockchain. Be careful. 

In hindsight, the captcha I filled out in buying the Mega Pack was easily the highest-stakes puzzle I've ever faced down. Only I didn't realize it until after the fact. 

High stakes captcha aftermath. April 2021.
An instant later, the WAX interface went haywire. DDoS attack would be my guess, just long enough to last for the 10-minute time limit. Then, poof, sold out. 

The arbitrarily short time limit for the chosen buyers was a really bad idea, and other game developers should take note.

There was nothing R-Planet could do about the WAX interface problem. And they needed a panic switch. 

My chance to buy a pair of Mini Packs was thwarted, but it took a lot of things to go right just to buy the Mega Pack. And I appreciate the game developers trying to make it as fair for actual real players as possible. 

So, what did I get? Behold... 

Contents of an R-Planet Mega Pack, opened 4/15/2021.
Two uncommons and a common. 63% of the land NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) were commons, so while I didn't hit the jackpot with a rare or better, I was happy with the outcome. 

I'm not sure what is going to happen next. There is a way to upgrade land in R-Planet to earn land in The Uplift World (not to be confused with Upland), but aside from a 5M aether price tag I don't know much more. 

And this is why I'm here. I'm fascinated by what is possible with crypto and the blockchain. I can't wait to see what's next. 

Fortunately, my staked NFTs in R-Planet keep on earning me aether around the clock. Just like my websites earn me fiat and my Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti GPU mines Ethereum for NiceHash that gets paid out to me as BTC.

It all happens 24/7. 

Earned aether in R-Planet by Lou Pickney. April 2021.
Last night, I tried out NBA (National Basketball Association) Top Shot for the first time. It's in an entirely different neighborhood relative to the WAX chain, but NBA Top Shot is right in my wheelhouse in being a sports-based dApp. 

I decided to buy a Bol Bol NFT, so I paid $5 USD (plus tax) for a video highlight of Bol Bol on a fast break dunk. 

Notice how high-quality the video and the overall presentation are. Functionality is the future of NFTs, but there is clearly a lane for officially-licensed, well-known sports organizations to utilize video clips in NFTs. 

And while staking isn't a factor, there is a capacity to show off your NBA Top Shot NFTs in a showcase online. 

It's similar to the concept that the NJPW Collection mobile game has, only much better since you can actually show off your NBA showcase outside of the app. Thus is the power of the blockchain. 

These are exciting times in the world of NFTs and blockchain gaming. Don't dismiss this as a fad. There are cross-promotional opportunities possible here like never before. 

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