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Easy Entry to Blockchain Gaming: Beast Garden

By LouP77 | NashvilleLou | 14 Dec 2021

As always, remember: Never invest money you can't afford to lose. 
Do your own research. Buy my NFTs

It's quite easy to get into blockchain gaming with my favorite NFT project of 2021, Beast Garden. It's finally a WAX blockchain game that *feels* like a game. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to get started: 

1. Get a free WAX Cloud Wallet. It's very easy to sign up and receive your .wam wallet address. From there you can obtain some WAXP, the digital currency for the WAX blockchain. And you can get an "Unobtrusive Billboard" NFT from me for free, one per account while supplies last. 

WAX is carbon neutral, it should be noted. Not every blockchain is the same. 

2. Buy some beasts.
You only need three to fight your first battle, but you'll likely want to purchase more. 

AtomicHub, NFT Hive, and NeftyBlocks are all trusted WAX NFT marketplaces. ChainChamps is a newcomer that, quite wisely, has features directly appealing to Beast Garden players. 

3. Sign into with your WCW (WAX Cloud Wallet) and head to the Trainer Battle page. 

By owning beasts, you will earn Focus (in-game currency) passively on an hourly basis. Once you have 100 Focus, you can begin your first battle. You can also purchase Focus on the Alcor exchange

4. Pick the beasts you want to use in your battle. If you're familiar with the concept of rock/paper/scissors, this should be easy.

There are seven elements, each weak against one, strong against another, and neutral versus the rest. 

Water > Fire > Nature > Magic > Air > Earth > Electric > Water 
Aqua > Red > Green > Pink > White/Light Blue > Brown > Yellow > Aqua 

Available Beasts
Each beast has two element traits: offense (shown in the diamond shape) and defense (shown as the background color/style). 

Here's an example game. 

My enemy had Heartburn (Nature offense, Fire defense), Ta'kha (Nature offense & defense), and Sui'slec (Air offense, Water defense). 

I countered with Magmati (Water offense, Fire defense), Vulcanis (Fire offense & defense), and Volt (Electric offense & defense). 

Notice how my beast offense abilities pair well against the opponent, while also being well-positioned defensively. 

There is strategy and depth to the game, but it's easy to pick up and play. 

The real brilliance of Beast Garden resides in the Difficulty Percentage. Thanks to the Beast Garden Simulator, you can rather easily determine your likelihood of victory based on the percentage you choose. 

In this case, I went with 140 percent. That means a 40% boost to the opponent's base damage and an 80% boost to the Alpha payout. 

You can use Alpha for BG auctions and likely many other forthcoming purposes in Beast Garden. And just like Focus, Alpha can be bought/sold on the Alcor exchange

Going with 140% worked for me, as I picked up the victory rather decisively. 

Ultimately, Beast Garden is a fun game with a great support staff on Discord and developers who seem to really know what they're doing. 

For more information, check out the Beast Garden whitepaper. Enjoy and have fun playing!

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