Screencap from AlienWorlds. 4/17/2021.

Alien Worlds and Big Picture Thinking

By LouP77 | NashvilleLou | 17 Apr 2021

As always, remember: Never invest money you can't afford to lose. 
Do your own research. Buy my NFTs

For players working with a small budget and wanting to grind out some WAX currency, I recommend keeping a close eye on the newest listings for Alien Worlds tools in the AtomicHub

Earlier, I was on the lookout for Standard Shovel abundant rarity NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Any shovel listed at less than 1 WAX I bought, at least if I could. Sometimes I wasn't quick enough on the captcha. 

But in the cases where I made a successful purchase, I then relisted the NFT for 1.1949 WAX. Of that, I'd receive 1.135 WAX if it sold. 

And they all sold. 

So not necessarily a large amount of WAX earned on the flip, but it's a start.  

Buy low, sell high. 4/16/2021
Also, it appears my LOU all-caps name avatar has finally made it into the system. Propagation can be slow sometimes. 

Notice the purple background on the logo, as that is the primary school color for both my high school and college alma maters. And I finally found a font that was tall/skinny enough to fit and be legible with white letters like I wanted. 

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee of a quick flip. To point, last night I finally sold a Garbage Pail Kids Rotten Rudy NFT that I'd kept on the market for more than a month. 

I paid 0.5 WAX for it and promptly re-listed it at 1.49 WAX. Would've been easier to drop the price, but for me this is about learning what is possible. So I waited. Patience pays off on the blockchain. 

Earlier this week, I bought nine CryptoStache Stache Signal NFTs from the secondary market that I considered underpriced. Four of them I staked in R-Planet. The other five I put up for sale at 29.95 WAX each. 

They all sold in less than 24 hours. I wouldn't advise newer players to be so aggressive, but in this case it worked out well for me.  

Sales history of a CryptoStache NFT. April 2021.
The word about blockchain gaming and dApps and crypto keeps spreading. The barrier to entry is still going to be a challenge for some people, but it's becoming progressively easier. 

You'd have to anticipate that the flood of NFTs hitting the market will really pick up here soon. 

In most instances, you're going to need a hook to bring people on board. You're going to need a pitchman. 

You're going to need someone like me. 

This is where I see opportunity. Cross promotion taken to an entirely new level. And I have 25+ years of media experience. 

I want to promote NFT giveaways that span multiple genres on the blockchain. I'm not sure if that's feasible at this point, but that's my vision. 

Alien Worlds power mining. April 2021.
As of this writing, I don't own any land in Alien Worlds. And it's a seller's market right now. 

But perhaps I'm better off not owning any AW land. Turn a negative into a positive and instead work with existing AW land owners. 

Some of you already have your own gimmicks/brands in AW, but that's all the more reason for you to want to work with me. Expand your reach. 

When you have a really big/special NFT to release, maybe that's the time to consider a collaboration. That's true whether it's with me or other like-minded people. 

As for land, I have two uncommons and a common in R-Planet from the Mega Pack. And by boosting those parcels of land with 15 million aether (the in-game currency in R-Planet), it's my understanding that I will earn three pieces of land in The Uplift World

The devil is in the details, but think about the possibilities. 

NFT giveaways rewarding
-Players who use a send to visit my property in Upland, in particular 210 Townsend Street in San Francisco 
-Players who mine on my property in R-Planet 
-Players who walk on my property in The Uplift World 
-Players who mine on YOUR property in Alien Worlds 
-Players who visit (under development) 
-Players who do things in Secret Future Projects #1-7 

That last part has real potential. Game developers looking to reach new players have all sorts of options. 

One final bit of housekeeping: a few handles have changed. NashvilleLou is now the name of the blog here that started as CryptoLou. I swapped Twitter names and my primary NFT/blockchain related account is @LouNashville

Ultimately, is where I plan to direct everyone with links to social accounts, etc. Much easier that way. 

Welcome to Alien Worlds 

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