Tezos $XTZ | 1 Year HODL Experiment (Fourth Month)
Tezos $XTZ | 1 Year HODL Experiment (Fourth Month)

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 14 Dec 2019

The 1 Year HODL experiment for Tezos enters it's fourth month, let's review the rules of the experiment.


What are the rules of the experiment?

  • Put fiat into Tezos every month.

  • Report on it every second day of the month. (sorry guys, a little busy this past week and half)

  • Do not retrieve any money that is tagged on this experiment (I might have other Tezos holdings in the future that will not form part of this experiment, but if I report on a certain amount, I cannot withdraw those till one year later)

  • Try to learn as much as possible about the Tezos project.

  • Try to educate as many people about the Tezos project.

  • Try to engage as much as possible with the Tezos community.


This is how the information looks like when look at from a month-to-month basis till now, you can see how much Tezos I have bought, at what price and the overall increase in value (measured in USD) when compared to the amount of dollars I have invested. (Note, some dates and usd prices are guesstimations)

Tezos Hodling

Pro-tip, I used airtable to create this excell-like document. If you want to organize info with synchronization to every device, in an excell-like format, I highly recommend you to use this one, you can use my invitation link (if you like, I do get a commission that is usable for the paid version of the product), the platform has a free tier.

Link: ccryp.to/airtable


New things I have learned about Tezos

This month I learned a little bit about how to bake in Tezos, what I understand so far is the following:

1.- You have to delegate your Tezos to a baking provider. Unless you want to do the whole thing by yourself, which I have read is technically challenging.

2.- You can do it with service providers such as tezzigator or directly from your ledger via ledger live.

So far, that's what I understand about baking, just select your provider and follow the instructions, later I might do a separate article about a step-by-step baking tutorial.


How do I feel about the Tezos Project so Far? (Bullish/Bearish)

Since my Tezos portfolio has been almost doubling since I got skin in the game, I can now say that I am very bullish about Tezos. It seems that in practice the staking process has been designed in a proper way, the network effects are kicking in, and Tezos has been rising even among Bitcoin mini-crashes. Now I just start to imagine what the incoming bull market would do for my Tezzies. 

10 USD per Tezzie? Dunno, but I can see that now as a possibility.


Thank you for reading this article! this blog is still growing and I am very grateful for every reader around here. Make sure to check out my LBRY account, I am uploading videos there (that I might advertise or not around here) If you join via my invitation link you get from 20 to 40 LBC for free. :)


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