Tezos $XTZ | 1 Year HODL Experiment (6th Month)

Tezos $XTZ | 1 Year HODL Experiment (6th Month)

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 3 Feb 2020

The 1 Year HODL experiment for Tezos enters its 6th month, let's review the rules of the experiment.


What are the rules of the experiment?

  • Put fiat into Tezos every month.

  • Report on it every second day of the month. Unless it falls on sunday.

  • Do not retrieve any money that is tagged on this experiment (I might have other Tezos holdings in the future that will not form part of this experiment, but if I report on a certain amount, I cannot withdraw those till one year later)

  • Try to learn as much as possible about the Tezos project.

  • Try to educate as many people about the Tezos project.

  • Try to engage as much as possible with the Tezos community.


Here is the breakdown so far:

tezos experiment

New things I have learned about Tezos

This month I started to stake my Tezos via the atomic wallet, why so late?? well, partly due to lack of time since I was onto other projects, and the apparent complication from a technical perspective. However, someone here in Publish0x recommended the atomic wallet and now is my favorite app-wallet so far, and it is very easy to stake, however, I haven't received yet my proceeds, which is normal.

How do I feel about the Tezos Project so Far? (Bullish/Bearish)

I have become a Tezos bull, I have witness the stacking system to work and affected the price positively both within the crypto bear market as well as the imminent bull market we might have this year, so this is making me overall bullish on Tezos, especially since all-time high hasn't been reached (ATH is 10 USD)


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