Suggested Features for Publish0x

Suggested Features for Publish0x

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 4 Sep 2019

Publish0x is definitely part of my daily routine by now. It is similar to when I find MySpace in 2005 or YouTube back in 2007, I just want to continue to explore this site.

However, there is a key difference between Publish0x and the likes of centralized apps, those take away from you, whereas Publish0x and the knowledge it imparts on you, help you grow, both economically, but also on your pursuit of financial independence.

This obviously doesn't mean that I endorse every single article written, but only that in general, this platform and its main subject (crypto) could help drive more people to fight the current centralized system as it currently stands.

For that reason, here is a list of suggestions I compiled after some weeks of almost daily use:


Read Later Feature

Sometimes I reach my daily tip limit and that truly marks the end of my reading session for the day. Don't get me wrong, I like this barrier, since it also helps me disconnect naturally from the website and be productive in something else (like writing this) however, I would really prefer to be able to save the good articles I found in a category within my profile, so that I don't forget those.



Publish0x Button

Similar to the like button from Facebook or the Share with Twitter button, this could be a plugin or a code snippet that we can paste into WordPress or maybe even in other blogging platforms who accept inserts of code while writing. That button could be the door that many people need to be aware of this space.




I use my smartphone a lot, and sometimes I'm outside of the house and therefore can't be on the computer. I know I can access Publish0x via my browser, however, I usually have it blocked so that I can stay productive. If Publish0x had its own dedicated app it would allow me to write and read on the go.




Within the aforementioned imagined app, the feature of stories could be embedded, so that we can shot really quick snippets of crypto ideas while buying groceries or similar stuff. If there are data and storage constraints, this feature could be limited by videos of 30 seconds max that auto-eliminate after 1 day, which is also standard practice.

However, it would be nice that those stories be accessible also on the desktop version.



Who tips me?

It would be nice to know who tip me, in order to be able to retribute the favor, and also in order to spot patterns within my audience.



Featured article

It would be nice to be able to put one article that is not mine pinned on my own profile as a featured article. Meaning, an article that I really like (but is not mine)

It could help with making this site even more social.



Start Decentralization?

Maybe starting to delegate some parts of this website to a reliable Dapp could be a good bet, especially in the long run, since the whole crypto space is moving in that direction. However, I'm not totally convinced over this one and that's why I put it as a question mark.



Thank you for reading this article! this blog is still growing and I am very grateful for every reader around here. Make sure to check out my LBRY account, I am uploading videos there (that I might advertise or not around here) If you join via my invitation link you get from 20 to 40 LBC for free. :)


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