Let's Find The Next Stellar Lumens, $XLM. Together. (Open Source Investing Research)
Let's Find The Next Stellar Lumens, $XLM. Together. (Open Source Investing Research)

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 27 Feb 2020

This post is article #1 of the series: "How To Become Wealthy Through Math"

Okay, here is the deal. The idea is to generate hundreds of hours of research towards a common goal. To make 10000% gains in the next bull market. Just like bitcoin in its beginning. 

If you need a little bit of an introduction about how this is even possible, check out my article: "You Don't Need The Next Bitcoin, You Only Need The Next XRP" In which I go into details about how this could possibly work. (Initially, I titled the whole idea, finding the next XRP, but XRP "soldiers" are very annoying and I guess mentioning Stellar Lumens is also closer to the original idea.)


The Main Idea

The basic idea is to find a coin that costs 0.0000025 USD, buy 100 USD of those and sell them at 0.01 USD during the bull market.

Also, we need at least 5 solid candidates, in order to be able to compensate for the coins who would go to the "total failure" category. 

So, a coin with the following characteristics:


  • Extremely Cheap
  • Good Discord/Telegram/Keybase Community
  • Tons Of Commits On Github
  • Ships Software Every Quarter
  • Knowledgeable Core Team


Perhaps you might say:


"Hey Cryptolohy, why you want to gather info and research from people, why don't you do your own research?"


Well, initially that was the plan. To do all the research by myself. But after 7 hours of work just to produce an initial list of 300 coins, I knew I couldn't do it alone. I need people to help me research this topic.


Preparing For The Bull Market


The Bitcoin halving is just months away, after that economic shock, the price of bitcoin has gone upwards in previous cycles, with some days going parabolic. Which will inevitably cause FOMO in a ton of people, and thus, the whole market will go up. We have to have our investments ready BEFORE the hype takes over. Once emotions take over the market, trying to catch gains would be almost impossible.


This Is The Plan


I will post articles in this series, and you can comment on any coin that you have some knowledge that fulfills the criteria outlined above. If you have extended info, for instance, access to their discord or telegram chat from months already, that information would be of help. Leave it in the comments.




This is not investment advice, this is just a community-driven research project, in which everyone would choose their own coins and assume their own risk. We are all adults here, you choose based on the information presented here for educational purposes only. I also encourage you to research further whatever info you see in this series.




  • Just Invest What You Can Afford To Loose
  • Don't Be Greedy (Ever)
  • Use Any Gains For Things That Are Not Evil


Let's do this!!


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