LBRY Credits $LBC | 1 Year HODL Experiment | 3rd Month

LBRY Credits $LBC | 1 Year HODL Experiment | 3rd Month

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 24 Mar 2020

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We have reached the 3rd month for the LBC HODL experiment, I have substantially increased the size of my bag, and so far is still kind of exponential. The reason being that I think this is one of the most promising projects in the crypto space that is actually undervalued at the moment. Sure, I don't agree with everything they do or promote, especially when they promote channels that put out content against Christianity, but when everything is taking in consideration, they are a way better alternative to youtube, which is way worse in many ways, and that's why helping this protocol can ensure that more truths can be disseminated to the world. Which I'm all for.

There are actually several different news that has made me more bullish on LBC with each passing day. Here is just a couple of them, other interesting projects like Bitcoin or Ethereum showed similar signs of competence before going parabolic, so let's take a look.


LBRY Attacking the evil practices of Youtube as far as pushing liberal propaganda to the world


The Brave Browser Team is promoting LBRY to its users


The LBRY Desktop app just surpassed 7000 commits on Github from 120 different people


LBRY has 40,000% more users who care about the protocol compared to the time in which LBC was at its all-time high.


You can now store your LBC in your Ledger hardware wallet:


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So, now, with all that good/bullish indicators, let's see my current LBC bag:




If you notice, even though the price of LBC went downhill, I still have it as a win on my books, the reason for this is because I haven't spent any fiat money on purchasing this amount of coins. All of this is just from using the platform.

If you look at the amount of LBC I have accumulated each month, the growth factor is kind of exponential, even though I have sell some to feed my family, yeap :), so if I had kept everything the total amount would be higher.

Here is the breakdown for each month:

Month 1 = 103 LBC

Month 2 = 847.77 (8x growth)

Month 3 = 2266.18 (2.65X growth)


For the next months I want to continue this exponential HODL curve, for these targets:

Month 4= target of 7k LBC 

Month 5 = target of 21k LBC

Month 6 = target of 63k LBC


If I can keep that much LBC and it goes to 1 USD (which in my view is quite possible) then I can buy a house just with my LBC profits. Let's see.

So, overall, extremely bullish on LBC, and accumulating aggressively. 




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