I Tried To Make Money On Steemit Alone. It Was A Failure

I Tried To Make Money On Steemit Alone. It Was A Failure

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 27 Feb 2020

I have been reading, tipping and writing here in Publish0x for a few months now. So far it has been great. I am able to monetize one of my biggest hobbies/interests. Cryptocurrency.

I have even made it to #1 of one of the Publish0x competitions, with my very first article: 10 reasons to switch to brave.

Naturally, I thought early to branch out, and republish my content elsewhere. There are a lot of options, but I just focused on one. Steemit. My thinking was as follows: "If the content is good, it will surely get tips"

Well, I was (kind of) wrong


I Thought It Was Easy


One of my first problems with Steemit is that my expectation was that it would be easy. Like, Mario Bros in the 90s kind of easy, I was wrong. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you better have or know before jumping onto Steemit, (if you want to get rewarded big time for your crypto articles).


  • You have to know how the tipping system works. And no, it's not intuitive. In fact, since so many people had been manipulating and abusing the system, the system has set out to be counter-intuitive, so that a lot of scammers don't get rewarded. Last time I check they were on hard fork 22. Bitcoin hasn't been like that.
  • You have to know the social etiquette to do networking... what? did you thought that your articles will be organically disseminated? not quite, specially if you are new.
  • You have to know the groups to get you noticed. For instance, there is a semi-official chat of steemit, that lets you blast your URL, similar groups might exist elsewhere, even outside of steemit. 
  • You have to realize that every article (no matter how good) will only get juice for 7 days. Yep, every article has a rather short expiration date. Why?, I would say just three words. Bitconnect, Trevon James. (Google it)
  • You have to court, please, and chase whales. You have to sweet talk to them, you have to make jokes around them. This is easily its biggest flaw. Steemit is a machine of human respect and a factory of socially divided yes-men. An aristocracy were people with money rule, no matter how idiotic they are. I personally dislike this and cannot really adapt well to this structural design. If your crypto content is bad, I will say it. Even if you are a whale. So, that leads me to my next point.


I Thought It Was Just Like Publish0x


Yep. I thought it was exactly like Publish0x,... long story short, it isn't, and that expectation made me act in a clumsy way. Wasting many good articles in the process.


I Thought It Was Meritocratic


Well, to an extent, it is not, there is a high class of whales who basically can pump any article they decide, and, since they can upvote themselves, even if they just post 3 sentences and a photo of food, they get 50 USD per post. Why is that possible? well, partly because the votes of a whale carry more weight, but also that if another person upvotes that whale post they get also part of the bounty. So people are incentivized to support and spoil/reward that whale, no matter how idiotic, parasitic, lazy, abusive, manipulative, childish, immature of a whale it is.

Trevon James comes to mind (google it).


My Results So Far

Look at this: :U


My most viewed article, (In Publish0x) and my most practical and important piece of crypto-content IMO. That upvote? yep, that's me.


However, sometimes I had articles make some money.


However, here comes another mini-rant. That 7.11 USD??, yep, that's not the amount I get, half of the total goes to the upvoters, and half of that goes to steem power (that you cannot decide against unless you use a third party) which leaves me with about 1.50 USD, which is not bad. But is kind of misleading if you are a total newbie and are calculating the payment of your rent based on that number. 

"If I do 3 articles per week who achieve 7 USD, I can make ends meet, yay!"

So, with all this, I have thought of a new plan. And if you get so far I guess you are interested, so here it goes:


New Steemit Plan


This is my idea:

Every new post (and the ones I haven't uploaded there yet) will be published to steemit, and a call to action will be placed on every future article, something like this:

"This post is also on Steemit on this link (https://steempeak.com/bitcoin/@cryptolohy7/i-tried-alone-to-make-money-on-steemit-it-was-a-failure) if you are on steemit and honestly liked this post, please consider upvoting this article there, remember that if this article takes off, you get curation rewards. Let's do this!"

I will try my best to reciprocate the votes I get, with only one condition. I have to like your content.


Finally, This Is Not A Whale VS Ants Situation


The main idea of this thingy is not to bash whales as a whole but bash the abusive whales. I assume there are sensible, rational whales who just want to promote good content. So, if you are one of those, I'm glad you are reading this.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to form a tiny-knitted group in favor of good crypto content and that wouldn't bend in favor of lazy and spoiled steem whales?? 

Let's do this! :D


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