Electroneum $ETN | 1 Year HODL Experiment | 2st Month

Electroneum $ETN | 1 Year HODL Experiment | 2st Month

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 1 Mar 2020

This the second month of the ETN 1 year HODL experiment, which means that every month I report on how my bags of ETN are getting fuller and what I learn from the ecosystem. Will this coin become something someday?? maybe on the top 100?? will it be pair with bitcoin o ethereum on some exchange at some point? Well see.

The totality of these coins I got them for free over the electroneum app, available in android and iOS :)

In this project, you get a 1% mining bonus if you use my referral code: 79BA72.

You need to install the app and once inside it will ask you for any referrals, and you can insert my code at that moment.




So, in the previous month, we cover the news that ETN created the crypto equivalent of Fiverr, called anytask. This month I glance over quickly over their reddit page, to see if I find something interesting.

Here is just a couple of things:


Upcoming AMA (In About One Week)

Electroneum will respond the most important questions of ETN bag holders, collecting them in every social media channel available, once the responses are done it will be delivered as a youtube video, some interesting questions are already being proposed like:

"Are there any plans to try to rejuvenate the ETN community? The sub-reddit is pretty dead, but I was surprised to see traffic on the official forums is also a fraction of what it once was."


"Understanding that Electroneum can’t comment directly on price, the mobile miner/rewards currently has about 200,000 miners. If the miner count gets to 500k earning $2-$3/mo with our coming influx of Live countries, the rewards cache will last only about 6 months if the coin price stays static. The question is two-fold:


  1. assuming 500k miners, is there a plan in place to ensure that at $2-$3 payout/mo that the rewards coin cache is viable beyond the next 12 months (and can it -the plan- be shared in any way with the community),

  2. the miner/rewards seems to have taken a far back seat to anytask, is that the case or is ETN still also focused on rewards as a go forward marketing plan to our target market, and can that be shared with the community?"


"After the successful sales of electroneum M1 in Cambodia Is there a plan to send it other countries like Malaysia, Singapore Philippines?What's the update from your lawyers working in the us for Sec?

Are you interested in listing etn on binance ?

What's your plan in southeast Asia ?"


"How many NGOs are mining?"


"Is there a way to raise the trading volume? I know it might not be a priority to the ETN team, but is it important for the crypto community."


First Game That Accepts ETN To Purchase Lives Goes Live


This game is interesting news, since it shows that some people of the ETN community are invested enough into the project as to make this, which is a bullish community signal.

The game is kind of funny, and the idea is that if you finish the game, you get the possibility of winning one percentage of the accumulated amount of ETN collected from other users.

You can play the game over here: https://play.hardestgame.io/


Okay, so, let's see my bag, you notice that my bag holding value is up, even though the price is down, well, the reason is that I got the coin for free, so that's why:



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