Ten things to do to ride the current and NEXT wave!

Ten things to do to ride the current and NEXT wave!

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 21 Jun 2020

So bitcoin has experienced enormous growth so far in 2021 but some predict another rapid parabolic increase to $100k THIS YEAR!

Others think altcoins like Dot, Cardano, Neo etc. will boom.

What should we do to prepare for this growth?

1. Buy now (never too late!) and #HODL - if you're price conscious and worried about the timing, just buy on a regular schedule and dollar cost average. Some people are always dithering about when to buy, but the answer is NOW! Coinbase is famous and is offering a $10 sign up bonus using this link. There's also the Coinbase Earn scheme - watch some videos and get crypto gifts!

2. Sort out your opsec or operational security. Get a password manager for your computers (for example, for the Mac 1Password), and a hardware wallet, too. There's the Coldcard (which say Matt Odell and Marty Bent of Tales from the Crypt would recommend), the Trezor T and my favorite, the Ledger, which I like both in the original and now Nano X.

3. Try to accumulate bitcoin or your crypto of choice however you can. One way is via faucets - there are many but FreeBitco.in is the best, for me they bring in about $4 a month - okay so not much but at 10x $40 and 100X $400. You can earn just by visiting and clicking but also by promoting your referral links, just like I'm doing here!

4. Earn interest on your bitcoin, and never sell sats. With BlockFi you can earn interest and/or take out a loan if you need fiat (never sell your bitcoin), right now if you sign up using this link and deposit $100 in crypto you'll get an instant $10. Not bad huh?

5. Get a cryptocurrency credit/debit card - the best of the bunch is Crypto.com - using this link for $25 free with first time sign up and deposit.
6. Build your own personal brand; get a domain and Wordpress hosting via Namecheap, design and print up some business cards using Moo, (20% off with this link), get T-shirts and baseball caps printed via Vistaprint, use twitter, YouTube and facebook to promote your brand.

7. Mine some cryptocurrency using any computer - try Minergate, Cudo miner or HoneyMiner (they all offer some free satoshi for signing up, if you don't like them just uninstall! I prefer Cudo miner but it's up to to you! Like me you can set up affiliate links.)

8.  If you are a bitcoin maximalist or you just get some coins you don't want change them for bitcoin or ethereum or the token of your choice using Changelly or Change Now and also set up your own affiliate links just as I've done!

9. Join Shapeshift - get a Keepkey hardware wallet for just $10 and trade / exchange coins.

10. For aggressive risk takers - set up a Deribit account and trade bitcoin derivatives on margin! But be careful!

I'm using affiliate links when possible, but they are all products I use or have used. If you click, register or buy something using an affiliate link, then I'll receive a small kickback in addition to any Publish0x tips I'm given!
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