My Womplay Review

By Stangmonkey | Cryptoinspector | 14 May 2021

Hello everyone, if you happened to read my second blog post, I talked about how since I’m new to all of this I was exploring and trying different ways to earn crypto.  Today I wanted to give my review of the site Womplay.

Womplay is a site that rewards you for playing games, and the rewards come in the cryptocurrency EOS.  Although you are paid out in EOS, it comes in a roundabout way which I will explain in a minute.  The whole process is relatively just sign up with an email address and password, and download the Wombat wallet, which is where your earned EOS is automatically deposited at the end of each week/payout period.  Once you’re set up, it’s time to get your game on!

When you start playing, you begin earning something called Wombucks (all I could think of when I first started was Mom-bucks from Diary of the Wimpy Kid, lol).  It’s like “house money”  that you earn for each step or game played, and you then join the weekly pool.  The pool is the contributions of Wombucks from everyone that joined that week, and the amount of EOS you earn is directly related to your contribution to the pool.  The more you contribute, the more crypto you earn.  The first week I earned a whopping $.04, or .0035 of EOS...Huzzah!!  Now granted that was from something like 4000 Wombucks, and the fact I was still figuring out how it worked.  The second week I earned $.39, I’m really killing it!  I guess you don’t have to join the pool each week, you could save up to get a much bigger payout.

Now about the games themselves.  There are 3 types of games that earn you bucks...quick play, mobile, and desktop.  The quick play games are just that, little mindless games that you don’t even have to finish to earn bucks for.  You earn 10 bucks per game played, up to 300 per day.  So each time you open a quick play game you earn, so don’t get bogged down in playing one game and leveling up, you’ll still only get 10 bucks.  There also is a 100 buck bonus for the first quick play game that you play each day.

The mobile games are games that have to be downloaded onto your phone.  When you click on a game you want, it takes you to a link page that asks to open the App Store and download it.  If you do it on your own you will not get any bucks.  Most of the mobile games give you 1000 bucks just for downloading them.  Once you have a game, you can earn up to 1000 bucks per day just for time playing the game.  There are also milestones where you can earn, like finish the tutorial for 500 bucks, get to level 5 for 5000 bucks, and so on.  The game I’m playing earns 25,000 bucks once I reach level 50, and I’m on 45 now.  There are also a few challenges each week in selected mobile games where you compete with other players for extra EOS.  There are currently 2 desktop games, one being World of Warships.  These payout the most Wombucks, and the way you earn is the same as the mobile games.  They also have links to download or you won’t get credit for it.  In addition to the games there is a daily (24 hours) treasure chest you can open for extra bucks.  The most I’ve gotten from the chest so far is 400.  

Overall I have been pleased with the experience, I had a few mobile games that wouldn’t download from their link, but that was only a minor annoyance.  If you’re a hardcore gamer who likes getting paid for your game time you should definitely try it.  If you’re a casual or occasional gamer like me, it’s still a good and fun way to earn some extra crypto.  I’m going to continue playing when I can.  I hope you guys have enjoyed this review!  Until next time...

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