My First Crypto Blog Post!

By Stangmonkey | Cryptoinspector | 27 Apr 2021

After deciding to get into the crypto space, and stumbling across this site, I have decided to write about the journey.  I have seen a few other posts similar to this one in the fast few weeks, so I know that I am not alone.  A coworker inspired me to get into this after having a conversation about his crypto investments, and how he bought Bitcoin back when it was around $10,000.  I’d say he’s done pretty well so far! I may be new to crypto, but I am not new to investing and collecting.  I have been investing in the stock market for many years, and collecting gold and silver coins for even longer.  Any Mexican Libertad lovers out there?  I see it as adding new coins to my collection, and I’m sure that in future writings there will be a lot of comparisons between physical coins and digital coins.  

As a coin collector, cryptocurrency appeals to me for a lot of the same reasons.  Each different crypto coin has a limited/set supply, just like there is a set mintage for every physical gold or silver coin.  There are also far too many physical coin series to collect them all, and I’m quickly finding out there are far too many crypto coins to buy them all.  The same lessons apply to my physical collection as to my new crypto specific in what you buy and become an expert on a few things, not a generalist on 1000 things. It also appeals to me because of my experience investing in the stock market, because at the end of the day, I think we’re all here to make money, whether that be digital or fiat.    So this is my first post in my crypto journey, and I will hopefully share successes and failures and everything in between.  See you next time!

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This blog is a record of my adventures in the crypto world, both successes and failures.

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