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By kaabayahaya | cryptoghana | 27 May 2019

ABOUT US 190903265-a6a1c9d524a040511929f1a79cb6141284ae62326ade04aa8eb919089f1fad1a.jpeg   IHAV is an acronym for I Have A Vision. This name came about because of the realization that young people today have a lot of ideas and vision of what they want to do and where they want to be. The only missing ingredient is action and implementation of these visions. Hence our tagline is “Vision in ACTion”.

IHAV is a registered nonprofit organization established in October 2012 with its headquarters in Ghana, but we operate from 10 African countries and have reach in over 23 countries in Africa.

Our Vision

To improve and increase the African youth’s productivity and creativity.

By doing this, we will be raising intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who will strive to be the best they can be and effect positive changes in their immediate environments and beyond. We believe this will help reduce youth unemployment whilst improving the quality of life in our communities and countries.

Our Mission

To raise, mentor and build capacities of youth visionaries and leaders by providing entrepreneurial nurturing environments, platforms, and forums where young Africans can dialogue freely, share ideas, start new initiatives and develop new projects.

IHAV PROJECT CONFERENCE 190903265-d47681de913f8e9b2679ad2acde0207a460f1abbda443faa96e271cb6e52dff9.jpeg

This is an annual 4-day conference in Ghana that brings together 100 youth visionaries from across the continent to nurture and train them through lectures, workshops, project work, site visit, and discussions.

The theme for this years conference is on the SDG Goal 4: Quality Education and we have participants from different countries in attendance. Previous themes have been on Decent work and economic growth, agribusiness revolution just to mention a few. Past participants are now entrepreneurs and have become self reliant.

Past sponsors include United Nations Development Program, Agricultural Development Bank, Vodafone etc. 


IHAV being an NGO thrives on donor support to survive and is looking for sponsors for this years conference. Any individual or organization interested in supporting or sponsoring this event is welcome. It will be interesting to partner a blockchain project for this event. Visit our website http://www.ihavafrica.org for more information.

For inquiries and partnerships, kindly write to [email protected]. You can also call, text or whatsapp us through +233243650790 or +233540902714

I would really love to here your thoughts on what we do and how best, in your opinion, we can do more.


Thank you for reading.

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