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By Sushy141 | CryptoGamess | 10 Nov 2021

Hello everyone im glad to present/event a project featuring interlude and ninja fantasy, that will happen on 21st of November  

You want to participate to this event? Just read this article 


What is Interlude?

Interlude is a decentralized scavenger hunt protocol, where by staking ISH token, players have the possibility of searching for keys in many small games. Each key found allows access to the next game. The player who finds all the keys is rewarded with ISH token.

Interlude’s first two scavenger hunts took place in August and September and brought together over 500 players. Only 53 players were able to find the final key and shared the equivalent of $ 5,000 in rewards. The Interlude community grows organically with each scavenger hunt events.

  What is Ninja Fantasy

Ninja Fantasy is a new NFT gaming project inspired by the Naruto manga. Launched in Q2 2021, its community has quickly witnessed exceptional growth. Ninja Fantasy’s community has grown from a few hundred followers to a few thousand in just a few weeks, ahead of their private token presale.

In a universe where the Great Shinobi War has divided the world into two factions, you can choose to play either for Ninja faction or the Night Raid Organization, through the purchase of NFTs representing one faction or the other. You will then be able to interact with your NFT in a world very similar to Konohagakure!


Why this partnership?

Interlude is a new concept and there are many possibilities to improve it. At our last event, the Interlude community raised the idea of partnerships with NFTs projects. In the crypto world, NFTs are gaining in popularity and offer benefits often limited to one world. Indeed, each NFT project tries to create its own platform in which the NFTs can interact but there are difficulties going from one community to another. Hence, these projects end up like closed silo, each of them having its own platform with its own NFTs. From there arose an obvious idea. Why not take advantage of the immense popularity of NFTs to integrate them into an open world with infinite possibilities that Interlude represents?

On the other hand, Ninja Fantasy is an upcoming and high potential NFT project, drawing from an extremely popular universe — the Naruto manga and the universe of Ninjas in general. In addition the Ninja Fantasy team has recently shown it was completely able to execute on its roadmap, and has proven its execution and technical capabilities. With the Ninja Fantasy game still in development, now was a perfect time to organize a gaming based event to show the potential of the project’s universe and its NFT collection.


How does this partnership work?

In collaboration with the Ninja Fantasy team, we came up with several ideas for this long-term partnership. However, we agreed that to start this partnership in the best way, it was important to introduce the world of Interlude to the NinjaFantasy community and the world of Ninja Fantasy to the Interlude community.

The Interlude x NinjaFantasy scavenger hunt will consist of 5 mini games. For this hunt, 4 Ninja NFTs will be distributed. 3 NFTs will go to the first 3 players to finish the hunt. Thus the 3 players who are the fastest to find the 5 keys of the mini games will be rewarded with ISH tokens but also with a ninja NFT. Additionally, a fourth Ninja will be hidden in one of the games during the hunt, in the form of a wallet private key. The first player to find the wallet will be able to transfer the NFT on their own wallet! Lastly there will also be ISH rewards for the other finishers — with the precise amount still to be determined.


How to join the Hunt?

Two ways to join

This event being a collaboration between the two projects, there are two different ways to participate to the hunt:

  • by paying a fee in Interlude TimeShells (TSH). TimeShells can be obtained immediately by staking Interlude’s ISH token. The fee is fixed at 50,000 TSH.
  • or simply by owning a NinjaFantasy Ninja NFT. You can buy this on their nft market

Once you have the required amount of TSH participating or a NinjaFantaisy NFT, it only takes three steps:

1/ Register on the page of the event by paying the TSH fee (skip this step if you have a Ninja Fantasy NFT). This page will be published soon.

2/ Add the Interlude app on Steam.

3/ On the date of the event , go to the event page and wait for the timer to come down to 0. Click on “Start scavenger hunt” to get the first message, and follow the instructions to find the first key.


Interlude Website:


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