15 play-to-earn games to check out in October/November

By Sushy141 | CryptoGamess | 25 Oct 2021


Aside from the famous Axie Infinity, Sorare and Alien Worlds, what are the play-to-earn style blockchain games that will be hot in October? Check out the list of games that promise to move the crypto market!

My Neighbor Alice



My Neighbor Alice

Farm simulation game My Neighbor Alice is still allowing ALICE token stakes for land acquisition in the game. The deadline for staking to surrender land purchase vouchers is October 10th.


So far, purchases have only been released to those who have the voucher released. The land plot will allow players to build their farms and generate passive income. The official release of the game is scheduled for early 2022.


Star Atlas

Star Atlas


Star Atlas

The most anticipated game among Solana fans will get its first version with a mini gameplay on October 7th. The game will feature graphics made in Unreal Engine 5.0 technology, which promises graphics similar to real scenarios. The first gameplay trailer will be released later this month.

In addition, it will also be possible to buy two ship models, which will be available on the marketplace. To purchase, players must acquire the ATLAS and POLIS token through the FTX exchange.


Fishy tank

Fishy Tank is a play-to-earn aquarium simulation game, in which the objective is to take care of fish purchased in the store. In a system much like the old Tamagotchi, players need to take care of health, evolve fish and combine skills.





Set for release on October 5th, play-to-earn TownStar promises to be one of the most valued farm simulation games in October. Developed by Gala Games, the game will have its own token and profits can be withdrawn.


For now, players will be able to complete simple missions and earn TOWN tokens as rewards. For now, the game still does not offer the possibility of generating passive income.






The play-to-earn mobile game moved the market in September and promises to grow even more in October. Starting this month, players who purchase the SPS token, which is native to the game, will earn vouchers for the purchase of card packs and expansions.


For now, the game has only an initial version of card duel, in the Yu-Gi-Oh style. However, the gameplay board is expected to be released in early 2022.



The Sandbox



The Sandbox

It looks like finally the release of the alpha version of The Sandbox will happen. The game, which was slated for the summer of 2021 in the northern hemisphere, gained new land sales in partnership with SnoopDog, but the release was delayed.

Now, it looks like the developers are ready to release the alpha version to gamers, soon after releasing an already promised gameplay teaser.


Guild of Guardians

The play-to-earn style game slated for release in 2022 has released yet another batch of the hero pack onto the marketplace. Each hero costs about $12.50.


Also, new pets will be added for sale. This time, the promise is for rare animals. The sale is expected to take place in October and, as usual, the developer will not make an official announcement.


The Farsite game is promising to open up sales of parts of the game's planets later this month. The sale will only be made to those who have purchase credits.


Credits can be acquired by burning cNFT ships in the game. The process for obtaining credit takes about 15 days and players will be able to invest in sectors of the planets.


Voxie Tactics



Voxie Tactics

The tactical RPG-style game Voxie Tactics will open sales of NFT characters later this month. The game comes from the same famous game developers as Mortal Kombat 11 and Assassin's Creed. Furthermore, in October the launch of the VOXEL token is scheduled.

However, the icing on the cake is the gameplay launch scheduled for October, already using native tokens.


The game and ghosts in pixel art will make its first land sale in October. A total of 20,000 REALM packages will be sold to players who own the tickets generated in the GHST token stake.


So far, NFT collections have sold out within hours, due to the popularity of the game that combines DeFi and financial assets. The sale does not yet have a set date to take place.


The game that combines cute animals and intergalactic adventure will gain a new chapter this October. This time, players will participate in a war and need to build robots. in this new chapter, players can also collaborate with each other to build a weapon, to defeat other groups.

The idea now is to gather players, get resources, build defenses and conquer space!

Crypto Bomb

Launched on September 30th, Bom Crypto has already become a phenomenon among play-to-earn gamers. The game's native token is BCOIN and has already gone up more than 5.100% in sales.


To play, just have a MetaMask account and have BNB coins in the account. Swap to game token is being performed by Pancakeswap.


Polychain Monsters

A game made for those who like to collect cute and rare monsters in NFT. To start your collection, just exchange ETH or BNB for the PMON token, native to the game.


In addition, it is possible to buy land to build houses, farms and crops, to earn money from the crops. It is also possible to earn money with bets placed between players and with battles. All items purchased by the player are stored in an NFT backpack.


For now, it is possible to buy the monsters through the Android app. The gameplay is expected to be released in the coming months.





It's almost time for the release of the alpha version of play-to-ean DinoX. The Jurassic-themed game promises adventures with different species of dinosaurs that can interact with each other.


According to the developers, the DinoX metaverse will have carnivorous, herbivorous and flying dinosaurs, with varying strengths, abilities and rarity. In addition, badge cards can improve the performance of Dinos in battles.



StarMon is a game that is scheduled for release in the coming months, but it is already successful among players. The game in PVP battle format separated the best of 3D technology for games. All NFTs sold are HD 3D, with impeccable design and unique abilities.


Also, to play you will need at least 3 monsters from the store, which can be purchased now. The game's native token is SMON and can be purchased from PancakeSwap.

This is a list of games that are on the rise, in development, or scheduled for release, but it does not necessarily represent a recommendation list for investments at your own risk.


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