How to start the XOXO smart contract, step by step.

By Rearden | CryptoGambling | 21 May 2020

XOXO is a Smart Contract, that has been launched on May 21st, which allows the automatic redistribution of ETH transactions between members. The program works with a Powerline: registration of the members one after the other according to the payment of the transactions in chronological order.

Let's start with the technological infrastructure

What is a Smart Contract?

A Smart contract is an algorithm inside a crypto-money blockchain. It's a protocol:
1° to perform transactions between two parties...
2° "via trusted third parties" automated and based on the Blockchain: algorithms.

In other words, the traditional trusted third parties are not involved: company, CEO, bank, etc.
The system cannot therefore be hacked. It is not possible to modify the algorithm or remove members' wallets. The system can work without a website and without an admin. A website is only necessary for convenient display of statistics and transactions between members.
Payments are instantaneous, cheating is excluded because the money is not stored in the system. All transactions are made 100% from portfolios to portfolios of the participants. Portfolios are anonymous!


What is decentralized marketing?

Decentralized marketing is a peer-to-peer network. Smart contracts, like crypto-currency, are decentralized. They work strictly according to the program established by the protocol and nobody can change it.
Indeed, their operations depend on millions of computers around the world! Therefore, they cannot be attacked! This would require attacking all computers at the same time, which is impossible. Nobody can change or break a smart contract! No one can stop them. Whatever rules are initially set, they will be respected and inalienable.

This is why a program like XOXO offers you maximum security and stability. No admin who leaves with the cash register, no company that gets fat on your back, no shark who earns referral fees without paying a membership fee.


What are the requirements for membership?

1° Install Metamask in Chrome (extension)

If you're on smartphone, download Trust Wallet on Googleplay or AppStore
If you are on a computer (pc or mac), download metamask.io on Chrome web extension.

MetaMask is a crypto-currency wallet that can be used on Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers. It allows to make the link between a classic browser and the Ethereum blockchain.
To install the wallet, you will need to remember a 12-word sentence. This is your private key. Write it down on a piece of paper and keep it safely off-line. It will allow you to reinstall the wallet, import or export it. It's your guarantee that your funds belong to you and cannot be stolen.


Is there a risk of hacking?

No, if you never give your private key to anyone. Yes, if you install a fake Metamask application or if you leave your private key online. Some hackers may pretend to be an installation help service and ask you to give them your private key. Be vigilant, your security depends on you first.Your security is your hidden private key.

Metamask will offer you 2 ways to make a deposit:
- by sending the ETH directly from an external account. You will then need to use the public address (0xafd9...4609) of your wallet to make the transfer.
- by buying ETH against fiats on Coinbase. Then you send on Metamask.
For a complete and detailed tutorial and to know how to send ETH on the metamask wallet, please consult this link : https://cryptoast.fr/tutoriel-metamask/

2° Register on XOXO 

You will enter the link of your sponsor in your browser and as you will have your Metamask or Trustwallt account open it will connect directly to your wallet. And your wallet will interact with the smart contract and will identify you with your ETH address.

1. Click on your Trust wallet App.

2. Copy the sponsor referral link here: https://xoxo.run/register?id=2748

3. Click DAPPs ( The 4 Blue logo at the bottom of the Trustwallet)

4. Past the link on the URL Browser's window

5. Click on Done or Enter

6. Click on Register

7. Click Approve

Congrats!!! you have Registered.

From there everything is good and you will be able to start sponsoring people by spreading your link to them, which will allow them to enter the adventure.


Unlimited passive gains. How the XOXO Network works

XOXO is not a binary, it's a unilevel, straight line, first come, first served protocol based structure. Members are registered one after the other according to the payment of transactions in chronological order.
In order to be entitled to income from the automatic pool (pool1), a member must invite only one person (self-sponsorship is allowed). Once the member has completed his cycle on Autopool 1, he recovers his capital of 0.1 ETH.

So, for example, if a member sends 2 people to Autopool 1, after completing the cycle, he will earn 0.1 ETH x 2 people, i.e. 0.2 ETH. In this case, the member has made 200% profit. The more referrals, the more residual income is earned on Autopool 1 on an unlimited basis.

Once you have completed your cycle on Autopool 1, you have the possibility to buy the entry from Pools 2 to 7 to cycle on 1 or more Pool, without any constraint.

No sponsorship is necessary as 3 members will automatically arrive from the worldwide Powerline to pay you.

- Pool 2 costs 0.2 ETH.
- Pool 3 costs 0.3 ETH.
- Pool 4 costs 0.4 ETH.
- Pool No. 5 costs ETH 0.5.
- Pool no. 6 costs ETH 0.7.
- Pool no. 7 costs ETH 1.0.

Sponsors receive 50% of the registration fee in pool 2 to 7. When you cycle with one of these pools, you automatically receive a re-enrollment in this pool to win again.


This structure gives members the opportunity to earn unlimited passive income through the overall growth of the XOXO network.

How To Register on XoXo in a brief

1. Click on your Trust wallet App.

2. Copy the admin referral link: https://xoxo.run/register?id=2748

3. Click DAPPs ( The 4 Blue logo at the bottom of Trustwallet)

4. Past the link on the URL Browser's window

5. Click on Done or Enter

6. Click on Register

7. Click Approve

Congrats!!! you have Registered.

Login to XOXO Office

1. On your trust wallet App, click DAPP or 4 blue logo at the bottom

2. Copy address. https://xoxo.run/register?id=2748 and paste on URL

3. Click on the Done or Enter.

4. Click sign in.

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