By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 25 Jul 2019

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It doesn't matter if you like Coinbase or not, what matters is that through their "Coinbase Earn" program you can have cryptocurrency for free, it's practically an airdrop.

All you need to do is:
Register to Coinbase
Go to the "Earn" section

Just watch two-minute videos and you will earn $ 6 Dai, $ 50 Eos, $ 50 XLM, $ 3 ZEC, $ 10 BAT, $ 3 XRX.

The total in cryptocurrency that is given to each user is $ 122, (and by clicking on the link in the article you will also get $ 8 of additional free Bitcoins)  it's worth it

Go to Coinbase!

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

An Italian boy who writes in English (I apologize for mistakes in advance), passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered Ethereum


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