Data on the cryptocurrency market comes to Yahoo Finance, which will take them from CoinMarketCap

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 22 Nov 2019

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Among the sites that deal with economic news, Yahoo Finance is certainly one of the largest on a global level, so the news released by a yesterday's press release confirming that the cryptocurrency market data will land on the site has some relevance taken from what remains the community reference site, ie CoinMarketCap. Among the data in publication, in addition to the price trend, also the volume of exchanges, the circulating supply and all the data that, commonly, we are used to taking into consideration for our operations. Yahoo Finance, thanks to this new partnership with CoinMarketCap, will publish the main 118 crypts of the market, aggregating the data of the main 200 global exchanges that cover about 90% of the market capitalization. The partnership aims, among other things, to encourage mass adoption through the sharing of educational documents related to the world of cryptography, in this way users will not only be able to follow the market trend but will have tools that will allow them to know it and understand it, which is essential if we consider that a large part of Yahoo Finance users has not yet had the opportunity to approach the world of cryptocurrencies.

All this, in addition to showing how rapidly the market is growing and maturing, will surely have an impact on the mass accession process, which is difficult to measure, certainly, but still important; precisely the adoption of these tools remains the most important challenge that the cryptographic industry will have to face and win over the next ten years, the number of people who know and use cryptocurrencies is still too small for these tools to fully express their potential.

As we always say, in fact, the price is quite irrelevant and the inflow of capital by institutional investors, although it allows prices to be sustained, is not as crucial as some pass it off; adoption is much more important, having to choose between the liquidity of the large institutional investors and the guarantee that from ten years onwards the adoption will reach a quota of a billion people globally, any member of the community would reply that he prefers the second hypothesis. Considering that cryptocurrencies find their own basin of reference users in that huge slice of the population that are non-bankable subjects, we must also keep in mind that these people are also characterized, especially in areas like Africa and South-East Asia, by low levels of computer literacy and difficulty in accessing the internet, therefore this is also one of the main challenges that the crypto world must adopt if it wants to win the mass adoption game. Bringing connectivity everywhere in the world and improving the levels of computer literacy, especially in the poorest countries, is an epochal shift for the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

Born in Italy, I live in Italy, passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered ethereum in 2015


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