Cryptocurrency debit cards: the Coinbase Visa enlarges the range of accepted coins

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 3 weeks ago

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Even today, despite that of cryptocurrency debit cards is a widely consolidated reality, I happen to meet many people who ask me how I can convert my bitcoins; net of the numerous cards that are already present on the market and that allow the instant conversion of coins encrypted in fiat currency, there is a service, that of coinbase, which offers an operation substantially identical to that of a bank account. With coinbase, therefore, we can make deposits, withdrawals, receive interest on our deposits (but this service is only active in the US and only for those who convert their money into a particular stablecoin) and, of course, spend our money, exactly as we do with a normal ATM, through a visa card. The Coinbase paper, launched in the spring of this year, has also been available for a long time for Europe (including Italy) and, with widespread communication today, the company has confirmed that it supports, from this moment, another 5 new coins ; we are talking about XRP (the native crypto of ripple), XLM (native crypto of stellar), BAT (token hooked to the browser Brave), ZRX (currency hooked to the decentralized exchange of tokens ERC-20) and REP (native crypto of Augur ).


These coins are added to the first ones included by coinbase in last April and which were also those with greater capitalization, so obviously Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Coinciding with this announcement, Coinbase also confirms that its card is now available in other countries, until now excluded from the service, so users residing in Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein,Norway, Poland, Romania and Sweden will also be able to use Visa Coinbase.  In short, the crypto market is growing and maturing at a rate of charge, thanks also to the commitment of companies in the sector that are giving life to products capable of supporting the mass adhesion process and allowing those who want it to have the same identical operation of a bank without the exorbitant costs that characterize the banking activity; all for the benefit of less experienced users and with no or inadequate computer skills, which until a few years ago would have found it difficult to use these tools and who today can do so using an intermediation. Of course, that is not why bitcoin was born, the original intent was to eliminate any need for intermediation and, probably, in the long run we will get there, but there are some preliminary steps to be taken for this to happen and companies like Coinbase are playing a central role in all this; first people will approach this world and first it will be possible to definitively cut all types of intermediation.

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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