The cryptocurrency binance exchange is ready to open an office in Turkey, in Istanbul

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 6 Dec 2019

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That Binance is the most innovative in the panorama of trading platforms and is always looking for new ways to grow is something quite known, what we did not expect, despite having become very active in the country, was the opening of a physical office in that of Istanbul; Binance, as we have already explained in some old articles, has recently become very active in Turkey, also because the country is one of those where bitcoin purchase volumes are highest, and is close to implementing support for the Turkish lira on the his exchange, Changpeng Zhao has now decided to accelerate even more and seems ready to open a new local office in the country. In any case, this is a deduction that derives from the appearance of job announcements on the exchange's company page; through linkedin, therefore, we have come to know that binance is looking for managers in Turkey, specifically within its financial divisions, and at the legal, marketing and PR offices.

Recently it was CZ, the pseudonym twitter of the CEO of binance, to confirm that he considers Turkey a strategic country for the expansion of the company and more generally for the cryptography market, as well as anticipating that the opening was under consideration of a headquarters which, when fully operational, should have had between 10 and 12 employees; the search for new employees on linkedin, therefore, has the taste of official confirmation, it is difficult to consider as an indiscretion the possibility of a physical site of binance in Turkey. The announcements also show that binance is looking for a key figure for its expansion in Turkey, a good compliance officer, who goes to work alongside the central legal department, can easily make the difference between success and failure of binance in the country; if legal problems and bureaucratic obstacles were to arise, in fact, the opening of a physical site in Turkey would in any case be of little use, if instead the person in charge of compliance could establish a peaceful atmosphere of confrontation with local institutions then growth of the platform in the country could take place more quickly and naturally.

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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