Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000, to support the creator of ADA Cardano and Co-founder of Ethereum

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 23 Nov 2019

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Charles Hoskinson is one of the most prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry, for the uninitiated we are talking about one of the founders of Ethereum and the creator of ADA Cardano, in short, not exactly an escape from home; in a tweet published yesterday, just as bitcoin prices were sinking, Hoskinson not only wrote that soon BTC will hit a new high but even quantified the new ATH at 100 thousand dollars. At the same time, Hoskinson blamed the collapse of the FUD quotations, that is, unfounded information that has resumed circulation concerning an alleged new closure of the Chinese government towards this time of cryptocurrency exchanges. In his tweet Hoskinson wrote that:

"Is the price of Bitcoin going down? Remind everyone that after the FUD and the manipulation of the news will be clarified, we will still have a global movement destined to change the world. We will see BTC again overcome the 10 thousand dollar wall and welcome the 100 thousand dollars. Cryptocurrencies are unstoppable, they are the future. "

Meanwhile, in the last hour the prices have started to rise again, with the hourly candle that opened at 15.00 which touched $ 7300, we'll see if this movement will find continuity in the next few hours or if instead it will run out soon bringing BTC to mark a new minimum after the one touched yesterday of just under $ 6800. For more information on the current trend, we refer you, as always, to our usual weekly analysis of the bitcoin price trend next Monday.

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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