Bitcoin ATM: new global record, exceeded 6000 ATMs in the world

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 3 weeks ago

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taking the data of the online resource CoinATMRadar; the number of bitcoin ATMs installed globally has exceeded 6 thousand branches, but more than half of the devices (65%) are concentrated in the United States. In the USA, which in this sense is confirmed as one of the world capitals of the cryptocurrency industry, the bitcoin ATMs grow at an impressive rate, with 11 new ATMs installed every day. The numbers, however, must always be interpreted so that looking at the data in an objective manner we realize that the road ahead for mass adhesion is still long; cointelegraph, reports that over three-quarters of the machines installed worldwide are located in North America, follows Europe with 20% of ATMs while in Asia, which is also a key market for the blockchain industry, the number of Available ATMs amount to just 2% of the global figure. At the state level, as mentioned, the US leads the ranking with almost 4 thousand ATMs distributed widely throughout the country, followed by Canada with 653 ATMs, while the United Kingdom ranks with 279 ATMs and Austria, at the third step of the podium euro area country by number of bitcoin ATMs with 189 devices installed.

Another interesting fact concerns the operation of BTMs (as are normally called Bitcoin ATMs), only 35% of the branches allow both the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency, while the bulk of ATMs allow only the purchase. The spread of bitcoin ATMs is opening a new front in the controversy over the regulation of cryptocurrencies, many governments fear that these devices favor money laundering in various ways and while in the US we are trying to understand how to regulate the sector in other countries, such as Canada and Spain, the front of those who would directly make them illegal widens.

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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