IDENA - Know Your IDENtity [+ Invite Codes!]
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IDENA - Know Your IDENtity [+ Invite Codes!]

By CryptoDrip | CryptoDrip Crypto-Blog | 17 Oct 2020

After having gone from a simple Candidate to a 15-epoch-old Human, I'd like to now pass on some information to those new to Idena.

Getting Started with Idena


The Identity Flow

After you've downloaded and installed the Idena app and synced with the blockchain, you'll need an invitation code.

You can find users offering invite codes on the Idena Community Discord, or DM me on Twitter and I'd be happy to share an invite code with you.

Note: The Idena team prefers invite codes to be shared privately, so that they aren't used by bots!

Congratulations, you're now an Idena Candidate!

If you pass your validation, you'll be promoted to a Newbie, where you'll be able to begin Mining and creating Flips.


Idena Invitation Activated Candidate Killed Identities


The Wages of Death

Often times, if you fail a validation your Identity will be Killed.

If this happens, you'll lose any locked iDNA in your Stake, and you'll have to start over with a new Invitation Code.

To avoid being Killed, make sure you submit three quality Flips, and try not to miss or fail validations!

(It's not as scary as it sounds. Other humans are making the Flips that are used during the validation, so just think logically!)


Idena Proof-of-Person Newbie and Verified Identiteis


Newbie and Verified

You'll spend the next few validation sessions as a Newbie while Mining and creating Flips.

When you solve a total of more than 12 Flips with a total score of at least 75%, you'll be Verified.

Again, you'll be Verified for the next few validation sessions, but this time you'll have the chance to Invite others.

This is also the Identity at which if you miss a validation, you'll be Suspended rather than Killed.


Idena Verified and Human Identities Proof-of-Person System


Identity: Human

You'll graduate from Verified to Human when you solve a total of at least 24 Flips, with a total score of 92% or higher.

As a Human, you have the same abilities as when you were Verified, plus you'll be able to create 2 extra Flips rather than 1.

As I mentioned above, the Verified and Human Identities come with more leniency when it comes to missing validations.

For example, here is an Identity Path for an Identity that misses two validations in a row:

  • Verified or Human
    • Validation: Missed
  • Suspended
    • Validation: Missed (again)
  • Zombie
    • Validation: Passed
  • Verified or Human


That's all!

I hope I was able to help break down Idena Identities.

This article is based on pictures of the "Idena Identity Status Flow" (shown below).

For the latest, make sure you visit the Idena Website, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium for the latest official information and announcements!


The March to Human

The first Idena Identity Status Flow consisting of Candidate, Newbie, Verified, and Human


The Verified/Human Loop

Idena Identity Status Flow 2


My Idena Address: 0x0359d1b3dbc43e37a28e33fbd836e77ebf554283


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