Cryptocurrency Updates - 23/06/2020

Cryptocurrency Updates - 23/06/2020

From Today i Started Category Wise Update and Today's Category's are


1. Important News and Update

2. Wallet and Other New Releases  Updates

3. Exchange Listing and Other Exchange related News

4. Mining Pool, Software, Hardware's News and Updates


1. Impotent News and Updates


  • Soon You Can Buy Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrency on Paypal



Paypal Plan to Direct Sales of  Cryptocurrency to its 325 Million users

Read full story Here:




  • Rowan Energy VIP Airdrop Campaign is Live - Earn 10x of Your Investment

Min Investment: $20 

RWN Price: $0.40 for 1 RWN


RWN is POA Token

Supply 45,000,000 RWN

Join Airdrop:




  • EOSIO Upcoming Webinar: Build a Full-stack Web Application Using EOSIO


Date:15th July 2020

Time: 8:30 PM IST

Duration: 60 Min




Luis Paris
Developer Relations Advocate


Details and Signup Here:



2. Wallet and Other New Releases Update


  • Stellar Core Released Version 13.2.0 rc1


Stability Improvement 

Add new Features

Details and update Here:





  • Zcoin Released Wallet Version


Bug Fixes

Fixed ECDA signature parsing


  • SHA256 Hashes:
    • Linux: e0e64fccfda77aadd180282689575f2cc8ce21d93305e1c933a8be782c47320d
    • macOS: f162a57b0ba68f4560a773ada9ac4190885535f2ff7b29c986693d27e9e059ea
    • Windows Installer: 933164e3c24a6050445d54ef0b3f710272ffdff6dbbd3d733ba1533ef7217cbe
    • Windows zip: 48b89ec1ef6c5fe6a33fc5a6ad800b8b30d99446baf5d3a4b844aa62f83cb081


Details and Source:





  • Obyte (GBYTE) Released GUI Wallet Version 3.1.1


Bug Fix Release


SHA256 hash of the linux AppImage is bebf1a1fb540bcbc941d6efbc4be913f4ba82c71ccfe9b02eca26d5f02f30231, binaries for other platforms are already signed in ways that are standard on the respective platforms.



Details and Source:




  • Komodo Released atomicDEX API Version beta-2.0.2078: Electrum server version



Details and Update Here:





3.Exchange Listing


  • NewyorkCoin is Now listing on VinDAX Exchange


NYC Trading is now started from 19/06/2020 with following trading pairs



Official Announcement :




DigiByte (DGB) IS Now Listed on Binance


Trading Open on 22/06/2020 with Following trading pairs




Read Full Here:





Huobi  and  Origin Protocol AMA - Chance to Win $1000 OGN + $500 HT UP for Grabs


Date: 24th June 2020

Time: 11 to 12 (GMT+8)

Join Here:

Questions here:






4.  Mining Pool, Software, Hardware's News and Updates


  • New  Autoexchange mining Pool for Horizen (ZEN) 



Pool Name:

Option 1 Auto coin switch mining by profitability within algorithm with autoexchange to specified coin wallet(BTC in example below)

Code:   -o stratum+tcp:// -u <YOURBTCWALLET> -p c=BTC

Option 2 Direct coin mining with payout to coin wallet

Code:   -o stratum+tcp:// -u <YOURZENWALLET> -p c=ZEN,mc=ZEN

Option 3 Direct coin mining with autoexchange to specified coin wallet(BTC in example below)

Code:   -o stratum+tcp:// -u <YOURBTCWALLET> -p c=BTC,mc=ZEN   Source:

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Cryptocurrency Updates
Cryptocurrency Updates

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