Cryptocurrency Updates - 21/06/2020

Cryptocurrency Updates - 21/06/2020

LBRY Released Android Browser and  Wallet Version 0.15.13


Details and Update Here:




Groestlcoin (GRS) Released Lightning Wallet 0.3.2


  • Update lightning node list

Name: groestlcoin-lightning-wallet-0.3.2.apk
Size: 7169294 bytes (7001 KiB)
SHA256: C79A928475C5B77DCA9FF28E9684164154DE55C5604D7A53DBB62B5FC715161D


Source And Update:




BEAM Released Desktop GUI Wallet Version 5.0.9328.2865 - Hotfix - Eager Electron


Error Fix and new improvement 

Details and Update Here:




Electra (ECA) Released Android Wallet Version 1.1.0


Update protocol following the desktop mandatory update

Update Here:




Namecoin Core Released Version 0.20.0



This is a new major release of Namecoin Core. It contains all the updates done in upstream Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 and minor general improvements to the Namecoin code

Source and Update Here:




Komodo Released Version - CD  dd40e2d beta


Details and Update Here:


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Cryptocurrency Updates
Cryptocurrency Updates

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