Cryptocurrency Updates - 19/05/2020

Cryptocurrency Updates - 19/05/2020

Ethereum 2.0 Staking Guide


Here you can find step by step guide for ETH 2 Staking for many technologies


Praysmatic labs ETH2 Client

Topaz testnet

Metamask Wallet browser extension

Prometheus metrics 

Grafana dashboard 


 Full Guide Here:

Ethereum Foundation Spring Update For 2020


Details Here:

Upcoming EOS Webinars for learn Blockchain & EOSIO



Learn How to build you first smart contract on EOSIO

Date: 16 June 2020



Learn about build  full stake web application using EOSIO

Date: 15 July 2020



EOSIO Webinar Website:


Binance Coin (BNB) his listed on India's leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Wazirx - Rs.1,00,000 Giveaway in BNB



Trading Already  started @ 5:00 IST

Highest trader contest starting tomorrow 9:00 AM IST . Chance to win Giveaway Wroth Rs.1,00,000 in BNB



Another Good News For Tron (TRX) Holder - Wazix Fully supports JUST Airdrop




Deposit trx and claim upcoming just sirdrop

Please deposit Before 20th May for claim Airdrop


Details here:


Chainlink (LINK) Released Version 0.8.4




Add New features

Bug fixes

database migration


Update Here:


Ontology (ONT) Released Version 1.10.0


Update for remove duplicated delete node info.


Update here:



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Cryptocurrency Updates
Cryptocurrency Updates

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