Cryptocurrency Updates - 18/06/2020

Cryptocurrency Updates - 18/06/2020

Cardano Virtual Summit 2020: Shelley Edition, 2-3 July 2020




Date: 2-3 July - 2020

During the inaugural virtual Summit, you can join lectures, keynotes and workshops on:

  • The science of blockchain, featuring talks by Aggelos Kiayias, IOHK Chief Scientist;
  • Blockchain and business, highlighting key blockchain use cases and enterprise solutions;
  • Building the Cardano community, featuring talks by Cardano Ambassadors;
  • Governance and regulation for blockchain discussing the Cardano governance model
  • A few surprises…

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IOTA Released Java Script Version 1.0.0-beta30


Details and Update Here:




Komodo Released atomicDEX API Version 2.0.2055 - beta




This is Pre - Release Version

Details and Update Here:





Chainpoint Released Javascript Client Version 1.1.0 - Public Gateway Discovery

Allows the client to detect public Gateway  IPs from cores'/gateway/public endpoint

Update Here:




Nem Symbol Released Javascript sdk Version 9.6.1


Milestone: Gorilla.1(

Details and Update Here:








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Cryptocurrency Updates
Cryptocurrency Updates

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