Cryptocurrency Updates - 16/06/2020

Cryptocurrency Updates - 16/06/2020 Live AMA With Co-founder & CTO of Enjin and  CMO of Enjin - Participate to share a pool of 2,500 ENJ


Date: 22/06/2020, Monday

Time: 11 PM HKT


Witek Radomski, Co-founder & CTO of Enjin
Ilija Rolovic, CMO of Enjin


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Dash EVO Released Wallet Lib 7.13.2


New Features & Fixes

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New Daggercoin GPU Miner

Stand-alone GPU/CPU miner for XDAG (Dagger coin)

This miner does not require files wallet.dat and dnet_key.dat. Storage folder is still necessary.

Launch parameters:

1) GPU benchmark: DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G -M  

2) GPU mining: DaggerGpuMiner.exe -G -a <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p <POOL_ADDRESS>  

3) CPU mining: DaggerGpuMiner.exe -cpu -a <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p <POOL_ADDRESS> -t 8  

Different features and optional parameters:

1) "-h" - show help

2) you can list all available devices using parameters "-list-devices -G". 
You can check what platform ids and device numbers they have.

3) by default GPU-miner uses all OpenCL devices on the selected platform. 
You can specify particular devices using parameter "-opencl-devices 0 1 3". 
Use your device numbers instead of "0 1 3".
Also use can use parameter "-d <N>" there <N> is count of used devices.

4) if GPU-miner sees only one device, but you have several devices, try to specify platform. 
For example: "-opencl-platform 1".


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Hive OS Launch Ethereum Classic  Mining Pool with Hive OS Free


0%  Hiveon Pool Fees


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Aeternity Released Super Hero Wallet Version 0.2.1


Bug fixes Released

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Komodo Released atomic DEX API Version 2.0.2051 - beta




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LBRY Android App Update Version 0.15.13



You can use Debit / Credit Card and other option for LBC Purchase

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Cryptocurrency Updates
Cryptocurrency Updates

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