Cryptocurrency Updates - 10/06/2020

Cryptocurrency Updates - 10/06/2020

Binance Mobile Apps Update For iOS And Android

iOS Version 2.13.0

Android Version 1.24.0

New Support For isolated margin and Leveraged tokens & More

Bug Fixes



Join Binance With harmonyprotocol on Binance India Telegram - One Tokens Giveaway



Date: 10/06/2020

Time: 9 PM IST

Join Now:

Dash Staking is Now available on Huobi Staking Pool



Tutorial for Staking & Mine Dash On Huobi: 


Stellar GO Released Horizon 1.4.0



Details & Update Here:



NEO Released GUI Version 2.10.3 - neox-preview1



File Hashes File:
SHA1: FE7346D0D327F5F46D2950C40027AFA1C19F093C
SHA256: EBF2EDD13EC9E2790FA29BFF90CBF630306D9A9092DD20F6A62B45537C17AA3E



Details and Update Here:



Zcash Released  Light Wallet  Version  0.4.1


Details & Update :





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Cryptocurrency Updates
Cryptocurrency Updates

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