Cryptocurrency News and Updates - 25/06/2020

Cryptocurrency News and Updates - 25/06/2020


Today's Update Category are:

1. Important News and Update

2. Wallet and Other New Releases  Updates

3. Exchange Listing and Other Exchange related News


1. Lets start with some Important News and Update:


  • Ethereum 2 quick update NO.12


A details about Eth2 Spec. Version 0.12 by Danny Ryan - Eth reserch & development.

Highlights of Updates

1.Solidity deposit contract and formal verification
2. Altona v0.12 testnet
3. Grant for Sigma Prime’s beacon-fuzz
My long-winded eth2 blog post

You can full Article Here:




  • Tezos is now on Hubble Web 3 Explorer


What is Hubble? and what Tezos Hubble Explorer provides, all details you can find Here:




2. Wallet and Other New Releases  Updates


  • Tron Released new iOS Version 3.6.0



Add the transaction fee display on transfer page

Optimize the addition and viewing of transfer notes

✅Optimize the wallet export related features


Source & Update Here:




  • Aeternity Released Super Hero Wallet Version 0.2.3



Maintenance Release

Details and Update Here:



  • Beam Released Android Eager Electron Wallet Version 5.0.2


Details and update Here:




  • AELF Released Wallet Version 1.0.0 - Preview3


Tune return of get maximum miners count

Details and Update Here:




  • ARK Released Desktop Wallet Version 2.9.2


Details and Update Here:




  • Ontology Released Ontio Wallet Version 2.0.0-alpha


ontology-linux-amd64 | abd819b77845a48c1d696cd149ba345b | 0b1782c5a178984d5d47787eee6fbd0b
ontology-darwin-amd64 | 1413c1ce4db27ec8f58171f4e826246b | 60a4a2e237e19c43f80a6bc575e609d7

Source and Update Here:




  • Decentraland Released Builder Version 2.11.0



Details and Update Here:





  • Zilliqa Released Version 6.3.0- alpha.0


Details and Update Here:


3. Exchange Listing and Other Exchange related News


  • Bitpayer token is now listed on EtherFlyer Exchange


BPT token trading start with ETH From 24.6.2020, 20:00 HKT

BPT/ETH Trading link:


  • EtherFlyer +Neuromorphic_io Trading Competition! - 5000 NMP Token Giveaway


From: 22.06.2020, 4:00 (HKT) to 22.7.2020 4:00 (HKT)

Rank link:…

Follow all activities:



NEXO is now listed on BKEX Global


NEXO Is traded from 25/06/2020, 20:30 (UTC+8) following trading details:


Trading Link:



  • Opening time of deposit: 2020/06/25 15:00 (UTC+8)
  • Opening time of trading: 2020/06/25 20:30 (UTC+8)
  • Opening time of withdrawal: 2020/06/26 15:00 (UTC+8)


  • Compound (COMP) is now listed on Binance


Details Here:









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Cryptocurrency Updates
Cryptocurrency Updates

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